German Heavy Metal combo Fairytale is traditional but yet innovative line up from Germany, mixing traditional Heavy Metal style with some Bay-Area influences and thus listeners can look forward to hard and straight metal riffs!

Since their founding in the year 2000 the band has come out with one demo (2002) and furthermore has released their EP“Book Of Fairytales” (2005). The first full-length album “Rise Of The Twilight Lord” was released in 2011 and critically acclaimed by magazines all over the world. In February 2015 the band released the ‘digital-only’ single “Dawning Of An Era” that also features the new singer and guitarist.The band shared stage with well-known artists, such as Rage, Tamkard, Negura Bunget or Born From Pain, among others.

Line Up:
Carsten Hille – Vocals
Colin Brinker – Guitars
Stefan Klempnauer – Guitars
Frank Buchta – Bass
Christopher Instenberg – Drums

“Book Of Fairytales” (2005)
“Rise Of The Twilight Lord” (2011)
“Dawning Of An Era” (2015)

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