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Elegant Curiosities

Where you will find unique handmade pieces made by the dutch artist/designer Laila Tas

Welcome to Elegant Curiosities. Handmade by dutch artist/designer Laila Tas In January 2013 Elegant Curiosities founded their company.

Because allot of the items that I make have a dark romantic touch. The majority of Elegant Curiosities’ audience are nested into the gothic and alternative scene.

Lace and feathers, gems and bones, butterflies and swarovski’s …and even real wood from the rms titanic and much more can be found in the Elegant Curiosities designs.

I create allot of different items few examples are: head chains, headpieces, hair crown, harness chains, chokers, bolero’s, shoulder pieces, jewelry and much more.

I always work on trying to stay unique and work with high-quality materials. Obviously, Swarovski beads are preferred over plastic ones. But also the metal ornaments, chains and findings etc. All i make is tested to be safe to wear.

This requires special care, because a lot of the metal jewelry material nowadays has no decent origin. From small simple items to large luxurious ones, Elegant Curiosities is deemed to be very affordable.

For inspiration, I look at history, really. Reviving the beauty of old and forgotten fashion and put my own twist on it. Offering the past a second life could be Elegant Curiosities’ motto.

I love nature. So, I do not restrict myself to working with taxidermy but only from a reliable and good source. I do not like to work with bones nor feathers that are from an animal that was killed for the purpose of taxidermy (hunting for sport). Just knowing the item is from a good source. It’s actually a tribute to that life, instead of (working with) a murder trophy ‘Nature has a lot of beauty to offer’ That is why I also love to work with real rose petal that I make into settings, gemstones, butterfly wings etc. Another example is an outfit titled “Ode to the Sea”. This is made up out of a neckpiece, armchains and headpiece, plus a corset en skirt. The items all carry shells, starfishes, pearls and more.

Keen on the idea of not forgetting that what passed away I of course agreed to work on the National Geographic Channel provided titanic artifact exhibition in the Netherlands and soon Belgium. I made a big collection also pieces that contain real certified wood from the R.M.S Titanic. Some of the wood relic pendants are now also for sale at our web shop.

I also worked with lots of well known models and photographers and soon new material of some great models will be online.

Apart from that, Elegant Curiosities also likes to work with music bands, Proudly I can call myself the official sponsor of Eleine. This band’s talented singer is also a model for Elegant Curiosities.

I always strive to making my customers happy so if there is a item not precisely how you want it… I also take custom orders.

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