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Dr. Harness Review

So today we bring you something totally different and absolutely delicious, DR. Harnessi isone of the leading manufacturers of leather harness and accessories out there, all their products are original, designed by their team and hand-made by experienced craftsmen. Taking just a look at their shop and more than half of their pieces end up on my wish list.

They have a very nice and helpful team that can help you to find what you are looking for plus they do have fast delivery.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that these pieces make your wildest dreams come true.

For this collaboration, we chose the “cunning cat” set in black because you can also find it in the color red and a big plus for them is their wide range of sizes.

Let me just say that because of the lookdown we had to improvise a photoshoot and work in conditions that we normally wouldn’t (no hair or makeup artist, no studio or special location) so our expectations were a bit down, but as you may see in the pictures the result was just amazing, the model felt so comfortable wearing that leather set and in her own words she felt “sexy and empowered she felt like a cat queen “,  she is a heavily tattooed model so the full harness set was a risk because it could either fade away or make her tattoos look weird,  but it happened just the opposite her tattoos did not look any less beautiful and in fact, the harness helped to draw attention to her sexy legs so it was a perfect blend. The all set just helps to decorate her body in a very sexy and complementary way.

For all of this, we can say that this is for sure a shop to keep your eye on their products are very high quality and a must-have for every woman.

We will for sure keep working with them again and bringing more sassy dreams to come true.

Note: this would definitively be an amazing valentines gift.

As I always say Dare to be Unique…

Model: @sininhoisback

Photo: @apov.visualartist

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