Divino Disturbo

Symphonic/Neoclassical/Power Metal from Spain

Divino Disturbo was born at the beginning of 2010 under its bassist and composer’s wing: Matías. Chance wanted that this project started since, even having been written almost all the tracks from Op I from the end of 90′s, they were never given the chance to see the light until then. The reason of this was a load of coincidences because Matías was absolutely off the music until Francisco Javier Roa, bassist of Sombras del Destino, offered him to get into a band in which they played a sort of 80′s rock, and this was not a funny style for them, so songs as Wolf Song, Nirmia (the first band’s name) or Carpe Noctem emerged from their lethargy.

It was not until september 2010 when almost all the songs from Op I were re-written and arranged, being Lux Aeterna the last one which appeared and the song which forced a name’s change from Nirmia to Divino Disturbo. “Il Disturbo Divine” was how Michael Angello called the cherubs from the Sistine Chapel; they expressed a disturbance made by the excess vitality in these beings.

At the same time, Matías had been taking care of a she-sparrow fallen from her nest when she was just a baby, so she could not have survived. This she-sparrow woke up him very early in the morning every day to ask for food. This annoying and cheerful fact was crucial, since Lux Aeterna was the height of severe compositions based mostly on the nature. Lux Aeterna describes a battle between pure forces of the Earth against everyone who is destroying it and this first side was inevitably inspired on this she-sparrow. This divine disturbance was interpreted as the force which should overcome and this concept had inconsciously been present in every song part of Op I, so there was not a better name to summarize the essence of this music.

Since the project was extremely hard to carry out in a city as Jaén, Francisco Javier and Adrián (drummer) left quickly, so Matías tried to recruit musicians who just made him to loose his time until in 2.011 he decided to get into Bomtrack studios to record a demo consisting in Wolf Song, Layla and Lux Aeterna.

He counted on Juanfra Moral (Dogma’s band drummer), Juanra Cobo and Fran Suárez (Aria Inferno’s guitar players). These three musicians made an extraordinary job and also did David Castro (producer in Bomtrack studios), but Matías decided to change the singer, Divino Disturbo’s weak point. In march 2.012 Raquel joined the project, it happened fortuitously because Raquel just collaborated with another bands, such as Nocturnia and Dramah, but she was not part of them, so finding her was very difficult.

The band re-forms in Madrid, joining it Dani Pérez (drummer), Kike Arnáiz (guitar) and Alan Cueto (guitar). Everything seems to be working when three months after, they get contacted by some labels, being Art Gates Records the chosen one, so they started recording Op I. Since Kike Arnáiz had his own project, Inner Shell, he decided to leave the band, so the quartet starts recording in “La Guarida del Mapache” studios under Javier Palomeque’s supervision. After the hard process of recording and mixing, the disk is mastered in Finnvox by Mika Jusilla and finally it sees the light in november 2.013 with a great reception from the public and the critics.
The band is actually rehearsing to carry out spanish and european tours to introduce Op I.



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