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Devilnight Review by Eleine


by Eleine

Have you ever dreamed of feeling like a medieval fantasy gothic queen?

I have, and now thanks to Devilnight I can be one! I didn’t know what quality to expect with this dress, but the moment I unpacked it I realized that the quality is very high. Since it’s a lot of fabric in good quality the dress felt heavy at first, but it wasn’t heavy while wearing it. Amazing details, and the fabric is so luxurious!

I was happy they had this dress in my size. Often when looking for fantasy dresses like this they’re only available in S/M and up. This one is actually available in XS. Thank you for that! I’m very happy about how it fit me and my body. Thank you Devilnight!


Photo Credits:
Singer/Model/Edit: Eleine
Clothing: Devilnight

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