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Devilnight Review by Kali Noir Diamond

by Kali Noir Diamond

Devilnight is an alternative clothing online store, and they have their own factory and also work in cooperation with some individual designers. All of their items are of high quality and they also offer a guarantee for it. The store has many product lines such as Lolita clothing, gothic, punk, medieval clothing, Victorian and corsets.

Their web shop is impressively diverse and you can find many items in each category. For this review I chose something a bit different from my usual style, since I love experimenting and trying out new looks.

The item I chose was from the medieval section, a long black and red Vampire dress. It really looked stunning and it was definitely something I never had a chance to wear. There are size charts and options but I loved that the shop offered me a custom size for this dress, so I sent out my measurements and I got a dress that will certainly fit.

My first impression when the package arrived was “wow that is heavy!”. As I unpacked the dress I could immediately tell that it was a very high quality product. It was so heavy because of the rich materials and its fullness. Most of the dress, all the black parts, is made of fine velvet. The collar is of a stiff, stronger material, because it is supposed to stay up and give your look that extra authentic vampire touch. But you can also wear it down, which is way more comfortable. I was happy with the details on this dress, everything is well put together and elegant. This is a serious gown, not an improvised vampire costume.

I completed the look  with a red moon necklace from Curiology, it fit the vampire theme well and it filled the open cleavage space nicely.

The dress is very long  and it falls and flows perfectly, it did make me feel regal during the photo shoot. I liked that, in spite of its abundance , it is not too heavy when you put it on, it doesn’t slow down any movement, and it is really comfortable. You can dance, sit and stand up with ease, it is not clingy or too tight. There is lace both in front and back, so you can adjust it even better. The sleeves are a really nice detail, and they are sawn in at a perfect place, so they never fall over your hands and you don’t have to pull them up every two minutes.

If you are planning to wear a medieval dress in summer time I advise you to choose something sleeves or out of different material since velvet is pretty warm. I enjoyed this because I was out in this dress on a very cold day and it was perfect.

I would recommend this dress, and the others in this fun medieval section for many occasions- proms, weddings, parties, festivals or cosplay. You will definitely stand out, and look royal-goth expensive 🙂

Photo Credits:
Photo: Vanic Photography
Necklace: Curiology
Dress: Devilnight

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