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DarkinCloset & Wonderlandmc Review

By Kali Noir Diamond

As a model, I take great pride in being able to pull of many different looks and always experimenting with new styles. But as everyone, I have a comfort zone, type of outfits that I feel most beautiful in. For me, it is not the girly beauty, but fierce details and more “aggressive” look, with leather parts, spikes and chains. So, when I started working with the shop DarkinCloset I decided to try something challenging.

DarkinCloset is a web shop that offers a really impressive range of alternative clothes.  They have their own factory and  cooperation with some individual designers. I haven’t seen this many outfits, styles and brands in many others. And I absolutely love to see that. You can choose from categories such as Gothic, Medieval, Steam punk if you are looking for a specific style. They offer a wide range of men’s clothing too, which is also hard to find. The web shop is very well organized and easy to interact with, but I guarantee many of you will get lost in gorgeous outfits wherever you click.  I was really excited to check out the medieval section because so few shops have one, and I was blown away by design, authentic details  and lavish materials of the dresses. But, for me, I chose something more classily Goth- a prom dress with black brocade corset and a full tulle black and fuchsia skirt, in the “Gothic Prom” section.

Now, I am way older than a prom requires but the dresses are so beautiful and fit for any special occasion. My first impression when the dress arrived was “Oh my God look at the size of that!” 🙂 Seriously, I unpacked it and the skirt completely covered my big double bed. Absolutely no cuts were made on the material use, there is at least 20m of tulle on that skirt. And, what is important, it has a solid satin base underneath it all, so you can’t see through the skirt and it is not so fragile as it looks. The tulle is of great and vivid color, and it all looks very high quality. It came separately from the top, so you can combine it with some other pieces or corsets, boleros, jackets. It is a bit of a challenge to move around in this skirt, not because its weight (it is a bit heavy, but very comfy to wear), but because of its huge volume. Make sure you have no glass objects on your way through the house or that you are not passing too close to tables at an event. Because you will take it all down and won’t even now 🙂 The skirt has a waist band and it is easy to move it up if you are shorter and can’t walk because of its length. Just pull it up a bit and your feet will show. I absolutely loved the feel this skirt gives, it is princess, fluffy and overall fairytale like.

The corset is not a thing for real corset freaks and enthusiasts because it has plastic bones and it doesn’t tighten and reduce the waist a lot. But, I think it is an advantage in this case. Having in mind that this dress is made for events such as proms and weddings, you will probably have to spend a lot of time in it, dance, mingle, take photos, so a steel boned corset would not be comfortable at all, and you would probably have to change at some point. It also allows you to eat and drink and still look fabulous and actually be able to breathe. If you have a full bust like me, it shapes and supports that part of the body perfectly. The corset is made of black brocade and it looks very elegant. It can also be used in many different outfits and combined with different skirts so you get a whole new dress.

So I tried to be a Goth Prom queen and I am very satisfied with the results. The dress is comfortable and very unique, it will draw all the looks on you wherever you show up. It covers up all the “imperfections” on your body and it is ideal for curvy girls like me. You don’t need a lot of accessories and strong makeup, because the dress itself makes a big enough statement.

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I chose to wear a necklace from the brand Wonderlandmc to complete this look. This brand is a wonderful project of a very talented woman who started making jewelry a couple of years ago. At first it was her hobby and she made some pieces for herself and her friends, but soon people started asking if they could order some and she went big and international. I always love handcrafted jewelry because it is unique and made with a lot of  dedication and attention to detail. All of her pieces are styled and themed differently, but you can see a signature design and a constant quality. What I loved the most was that she makes a lot of “geeky” themed pieces. You can find accessories with Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars and other big fantasy worlds details. So, being an absolute Harry Potter fan, I chose a necklace with the pendant of Ravena Ravenclaw’s diadem, one of the Horcruxes from the story.

The material is very delicate and you can choose silver or bronze for any design. I loved that it actually looks like lace, very elaborate and rich in tiny elegant details. It is a big piece, so it works perfectly with big cleavage and uncovered shoulders. It keeps you covered if you want to reduce the sexy factor and emphasize the elegant. The diadem pendant is big enough to be clearly seen and recognized, with a beautiful stone of sky blue shade. Even though the necklace is big and full, it is not heavy and it won’t give you a suffocating feeling around your neck.

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These pieces were a great combo and I hope you will like them too, and get some ideas to make your prom, wedding or any other celebration outfit. It still says that you are Goth, but also elegant and classy, and you get to be a princess for that day 🙂

Photo credits:
Model: Kali Noir Diamond, Photo: Vanic Photography

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