Cult ov Mora

Industrial/gothic/metal band with devilish keys, screams and hellish guitars.

Having been bored with daily dullnes two bards Tail & Edward want to spit out of their devilish anuses a demon, which will shake up the local music market. In the retreat of their forest shacks they decide to throw up bile right out of their gorged stomaches. They intertwave industrial-gothic sounds with devilish screams and spice them up with gloom & mist. The only thing they need now is the guitar with its six metal thunders that will entirely destroy the peace of this world …That’s why Tailheg & Edward strive for Ulfgar’s help. Soon he joins the venture and becomes a metallic sounds thnower.

After a month of plotting & scheming the first devilish vomit “Better Get Of My Way” sees the daylight. Now they’re ready to bash the hell’s gates & grab what’s entitled to them. Mora is coming…

In the beginning of November 2013 joined us a new member…Dybuk (guitar) who recorded with us his first Mora song…Ea, The Lord Of The Depths (Burzum cover)…now Cult ov Mora is stronger!!!! In June 2014 appeared first promo “…is coming”


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