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Here at Coloured Contacts our passion is all things contact lenses! We stock lenses with costume designs and natural styles so you can have the perfect eyes for every occasion. Our lenses are used for everything from Halloween costume to cosplay, but we also have the perfect styles for achieving vampire and Victoriana inspired looks.

We are fast becoming a leading store for covering all your cosmetics lens needs. Included in our range are coloured prescription contact lenses, natural multipacks and unusual costume lenses. All our lenses are FDA approved and many also carry the CE mark, so as you can see safety is our priority. If you want to read more about our commitment to safety or would like to read general information about using contact lenses then be sure to check out our Care Guides.

Our lenses are often showcased by Instagram affiliates, bloggers and social media influencers and are the perfect extra detail for completing your look, where it is for fancy dress or every day wear.

If you are looking for the finishing touch to complete your dream gothic look then we have a range of coloured contacts that are popular for pairing with alternative outfits.

In our white coloured contacts section, you will find the perfect vampire inspired eyes, and will even find a pair inspired by rock icon Marilyn Manson.

The White Manson Contact Lenses feature a white iris with black outer ring for a stunning colour change. If you would prefer to change your eye colour to a completely white style then we recommend White Zombie Lenses or White Mini Sclera Lenses.

Another style of lenses that we are excited to bring to the Goth community is our fantasy contact lenses. Add a hint of golden eye colour to your iris or transform your eyes into a vertical pupil with our Dragon Eye Contact Lenses.

Many of our customers are simply looking for a quick and easy way to change their eye colour which is why we stock a large range of natural styles. Switch your baby blue eyes to a deep chocolate brown or vice versa for a fun and instant change to your look.

One of the reasons we think you will love our lenses is due to the material and pigmentation. All of the coloured contacts we sell are soft lenses meaning they are breathable and lightweight. This is sure to leave your eyes comfortable and hydrated whether you are planning on wearing your contact lenses for a photoshoot or for a full day. The high quality pigmentation used in the designs of our lenses helps them to fully cover your natural iris. If you do not want to complete coverage of your natural eye colour then we have a range of enhancing contact lenses, which will add subtle colour flecks to your eye.

As you can see, coloured contacts are our passion which is why we are so excited to share our designs with you!

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    May 1, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this amazing style blog. I think you should add more content in your blog post. Also, you can use Contact Lenses with matching your hair color to enhance the look of your face or eyes.

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    Martie Schaffner
    March 9, 2021 at 8:38 am

    Im looking for red dummy contact lenses

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