Christine IX

Christine IX is a band with guitars, bass, vocals, piano, lyrics, xylophone, harmonica

Christine took a guitar for the first time in 1994. She’s proudly naive. Since 1999 she has been active as a singer and a musician in different bands. She played punk, metal, grunge, hard rock. In 2003 she started singing with the acoustic band Nahema and she did it till 2007.

In 2007 she founded Shotgun Babies, so she had the opportunity to play all around Italy, from Lecce to Brescia, performing in several different important locations such as Teatro Kismet in Bari (at Medimex) , Locanda Atlantide in Rome, Ex Asilo Filangieri in Naples, Muin Parma, Atlantide Occupata in Bologna, Nonsolorock Festival in Cervinara, Go Down Records Festival, Rockinday, the White Night in Lecce and many more. This band opened to illustrious names, such as Tides From Nebula, Giorgio Canali, Il Santo Niente, Assalti Frontali, Aldo Tagliapietra (Le Orme), L’Enfance Rouge, La Fame di Camilla, etc. They also won “Rock Bad Girls” contest and the Apulian “Art Music Live”.

Christine appeared in four music videos, she cooperated with other bands and has a rich discography. Shotgun Babies are included in the contemporary music section of the book “Le ragazze del Rock” (“Rock Girls”), by Jessica Dainese, a journalist of “Il Manifesto”. Christine and her bands appeared on national newspapers, such as “La Repubblica”, “Rumore”, “What’s Up”, “Rock Now” (former “Rock Sound”), and on tv channels, local newspapers and webzines. She cooperated with the writer Loredana De Vitis in some literary and musical performances, “Storie d’amore inventato” (“Invented love stories”), and with the poet and writer Gianluca Conte in his “Danza di Nervi” (“Dance of the nerves”). With G. Conte and the actress Michela Maria Zanon she realized “Lectura Dantis”, literary and musical performances: Dante’s Inferno was turned into music and read even at school. Christine always promoted female rock, she had close contacts with musicians from all over Italy, became part of the movement “Rock with mascara” and founded the project”Girls on the rock” in Apulia.

Since 2010 she collaborates with Vincenzo Pavese, founder and frontman of the industrial band Hate Inc. In 2012, the debut, with the name “Choke in Mirrors”: an abrasive and compact rock, new and warm, filled with an old catchy intimism. These tracks were born by a direct link between Rome (where V. Pavese lives) and Lecce. Their EP, “Choke in Mirrors”, revealed liquid atmospheres, granitic sounds and memorable melodies. It immediately got very good reviews.

Meanwhile, Christine played harmonica and sang with “La Starlette Maudite” and she sang, played bass and harmonica with “Nobody’s Daughters”. Since 2006 she has also been collaborating with her friend and violinist Katia Di Giulio (violin for Stefano Tessarin). She organized, in addition, some events, such as “Le Ragazze del Rock” (Officine Ergot), based on J. Dainese’s book about forty years of italian female rock – in this occasion she was curator of an exhibition, musician, graphic designer, sound engineer (she tried!), p.r. and so on.

Now she sings and composes in a new hard rock band too. Christine IX is her solo project. She records any instruments (guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, vocals), but drums. Now she has a great live band, whose members are:Salvatore Zullino (bass), Gabriele Gallucci (guitars), Andrea Benegiamo (drums), Katia Di Giulio (violin). They started with a memorial to Lou Reed, organized by the town of Galatone (LE). She wrote an album which needs to be recorded and now she plans crowdfunding, because she believes in networking, since she’s born. She released the single “Black Corolla.” Its music video was directed by Salvatore Zullino, while Christine wrote the storyboard and supervised editing operations. She is a journalist too. She always wrote about art and music. She was director of “ABCDonna” magazine.

She loves art for art’s sake.

-First photo: Italida
-Second photo: Brizzo


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