Symphonic power metal band from Sofia

Bendida is a symphonic power metal band from Sofia (BG). The band was founded by Vinnie Atanasov in 2008. Last six years Bendida’ s capture the audience attention by regular concerts on local scene and in the result popularity of the band keeps growing. The lyrics themes of the band are based on mythology, fantasy and fiction

First single of the band was released at the beginning of 2012. It was called “The Farthest Shore” and includes the songs “All Life Long” and self-titled “The Farthest Shore”. In 2014 the band released their second single “Prince of Ice” together with official video clip. The Video was promoted in a special gig with guest bands from Bulgaria (Aegonia) and Greece (Endsight). At the end of 2014 BENDIDA released their second official video for the song “The Witch and the Devil”. The band is in the process of preparing debut album with work tittle “The Other Side”

The current members of BENDIDA are:
Kremena Nikolova -vocals
Vinnie Atanasov – guitar and vocals
Yana Ivanova – keyboards
Alexander Panayotov – bass
Lyuben Dimitrov – drums
Vyara Grancharova – viola da gamba

Photographer: Vasilena Mihaylova (she is also the producer and video operator of their first video “Prince of ice”)


Find more information about Bendida here:

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