Vocal –oriented symphonic gotic-metal

The junior Moscow’s group ‘Atman” introduced to us their debut mini-album ‘Incubus’. This album includes beautiful, dreamily and mystic music material, which characterized like gothic, progressive metal. If you’re surprised of this combination, you can remember polish gotick-metal scene like Artrosis, Moonlight, Closterkeller – this music is progressive gotic. ‘Atman’ has some likeness with these groups. But “Atman” has the greatest similarity with gotic-metal group “Delight” and their album “Eternity” (2002).

The main source of originality and attraction of “Atman” is author of project –Talisman (music, arrangement, vocals). Several invited singers have taken part in the album and primary accent in compositions focuses on votes. This votes are strong and bewitching like choir of beautiful ghosts, they leading listener trough labyrinths and dark castle’s alley of album “Incubus”. They intrigue, surprise and fill heart with dark delight and mysteries. “Atman” is original “acapella – gotic- metal”, vocal gotic.

Generally, the concept of project and texts are reminding me English singers of paganism Incubus Sukkubus (in particular “Enchantment” and “Beladonna and Aconite” of Incubus Sukubus cause associations with title trek Atman “Incubus”) and Italians Mandragora Scream. Atman is playing so ethereal, dreamily, airily and magically like these ones. But Atman’s music is more polyphony and using of classic stringed instruments brings to their musical palette some elements of symphonic metal. If, in symphonic metal you remind something like Diabulus In Musica then you’re wrong. In mini-album “Incubus” you’ll hear slowly, heartfelt compositions with perfect women vocal. These compositions are inspired by dark romanticism and sensual mystic.

“”Atman” means “soul” and this name was chose not by chance because our music is sometimes slight and artfully interwoven, sometimes it’s soft and elusive like human’s soul. We can plunge you to atmosphere of mystic, where you find your own world!”- said Talis Man about her group. These words are ideal reflection of general character and atmosphere in album “Incubus”. In album submitted four treks and every trek deserves single reference.

The opening of album is composition “Incubus” the most impressive and atmospheric trek in album, it is the most multi-faceted and polyphonic. Impulsive polyphony of vocal’s lines in wonderful slowly fragment on the middle of the trek and plunk of stringed instruments in fine are fascinating. “Ice Queen” the most mysterious, refined and gentle in album. Almost embientny synthesizers remind creations of Astarium they’re like bells which shimmer under icy breathing of darkness. Guitars like flurries of wind, they fetch out the beautiful and strong women vocal. The sound of guitar and vocal remind Delight, but sound of Atman is more polyphonic because they use classic stringed instruments. This ambient neoclassic on metal is really mystery and wonderful.

“Black Song” is one of the most elegant and originality composition of the album. It’s remembered by simple melody and varied background. Composition has mystic and atmosphere part with bells and violin in the middle. ”Raven Black” is the most slowly, hard and dark trek in album. Here you can listen scream. And in the middle of song we can hear beautiful guitar solo and violin.

Atman is vocal –oriented symphonic gotic-metal, which has something common with Stream of Passion and Aesma Daeva, but in the same time it different. It’s different from polish gotik-groups and from Inkubus Sukkubus too.

Mysticism, magic and night charm are pulsate in Atman’s treks. They remind Mandragora Scream, but unlike Morgan and her team, Talisman’s project is characterized by sensuality and melody. All compositions of Atman are midtempo and stately.

The mysterious atmosphere of album reminds a good mystic thriller and we can assimilate Atman with kinematic –metal. Mini-album “Incubus” is the best request before release of the full length disc. I hope it will release soon.

Photographer: Ludmila Bagdosoryian


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