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Atelier Selene de Viollet

Talented designer residing in Lyon, France (ex S-MOON-S Gothic Fashion & Jewellery)

Stanislava Spasova is a Bulgarian born, currently living in Lyon/France – the designer behind atelier Selene de Viollet ( ex S-MOON-S Gothic Fashion & Jewellery).

Coming from several generations of tailors it is easy to see where her talents spring from.

Finishing ”Fine Arts” school in 2004, she constantly evolving her unique designs and developing new crafting techniques ever since, managing to turn the started as a school project – S-MOON-S, into the line we all know today.

After various of fashion shows, festival, many publications & collaborations with talented photographers & models, her designs are now well known at the old continent and beyond.

As of 1st of July 2013 S-MOON-S has officially changed its name to atelier Selene de Viollet, which is an autonomous name, separating the brand from PHENIX – Boutique et Atelier in Cogolin/France, created in 23th of December 2009.

The first and very important step of guiding her art into the next decade.

“…It’s very rare that I come across an item of adornment that I believe is truly unique. There are many inventive adaptations of classic designs and techniques, but to find something that seems to break into a new form of creation is uncommon in any industry, let alone alternative fashion…”by Lady Amaranth

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