Dark Metal band from Poland

Polish Dark Metal band Astheria is a reminescence of the gothic metal in its best shape with notable admixture of solutions never expected in this genre.

Since their reactivation in the end of year 2014 the band has come out with promo few month after. The first full-length album “Astheria” was released in 2016 and well-received by people mostly in Poland. The band shared stage with well-known artists, such as Moonlight, Farben Lehre or Batalion d’ Amour.

Currently Astheria is concentrating on the live promotion of the LP and preparing material for its successor.
Line Up:
Karol Szcześniak – Vocals, Guitars
Wojciech Ciszak – Bass guitar
Karol Szwedek – Drums

“Promo 2015” (2015)
“Astheria” (2016)

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