All-female black metal band from Greece

They were formed in September 1995 under our first band name LLOTH in Greece by:
TRISTESSA (bass/acoustic guitar, music compositions)
KINTHIA (vocals, guitar, synths)
NEMESIS (guitar)
Session drummer called PSYCHOSLAUGHTER – INVOCATION.

In February 1997 we released our first demo-tape under the band name LLOTH and it is entitled ‘ Dancing in The Dark Lakes Of Evil”. eight tracks.

1st album – 1998  ” Doomed Dark Years”.- Black Lotus  Rec.
2nd album – 2000 Rise from Within”-Black Lotus Rec.
3rd album – 2002 Quod Superius, Sicut Inferius – Black Lotus Rec.
The following year, Astarte went through some personnel changes

Tristessa (vocals –bass, acoustic guitar)
Katharsis (keyboards)
Hybris (guitar)
Ice -drums

4th album – 2004 “Sirens”- Avantgarde Music(Miix and Mastering in Tico Tico Studio) / guest musicians. Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir), Sakis (Rotting Christ), Nicolas Sic Maiis (Lloth)

New Line up:
Tristessa (vocals –bass, acoustic guitar) /
Derketa (synths)
Lycon (guitar)
Ice -drums

5th album – 2007 “Demonized “Avantgarde Music. (Mix and Mastering in Tico Tico Studio)/ Guest T.S.K (God Dethroned), Attila (Mayhem), Angela Gossow ( Arch Enemy), Nicolas Sic Maiis (Lloth)

Photographer: Nicolas Maiis


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