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Aria Flame

A neo classical dark hard rock outfit with a circus like flare

Aria Flame was created in the spring of 2011 by dramatic mezzo soprano singer and composer, Aziza Poggi and percussionist, Erik Sales. Before putting a live unit together, Aziza started composing melodies and writing lyrics on her piano. Guitarist Dan Cruzan, bassist & producer Greg Cloon and keyboardist Alicia Menninga later joined in as full time members.Alicia left in late 2014 due to opening her own retail shop and the band has used backing tracks ever since.

They are described as a neo classical dark hard rock outfit with a circus like flare, which was created out of the ashes of progressive Egyptian themed metal band Dendura. Whom which was heard on Comedy Central Network, featured in national magazines such as Metal Hammer and Vocals, and also opening for several international acts such as Epica, Unexpect, Scar Symmetry, Edguy, Doro Pesch and The Agonist. They disbanded in late 2010. Their music is inspired from movie soundtrack composers Danny Elfman and John Williams, classical and baroque composers, Beethoven and Handel, and metal bands such as Korn, Nevermore, Revamp. On occasion, Aria Flame will perform Dendura music as well.

Aria Flame’s music features classical and haunting rock style female vocals with classical and symphonic keyboards, electric guitar and intricate bass and drums. They use eerie diminished chords and lyrics describing one’s journey from being taken into the darkness using the myth of the phoenix as a metaphor. The music is written in a concept album fashion. The word Aria comes from the classical word meaning “song” and the word “flame” representing the phoenix. Morphing the two words together reflects the combination of styles in their music.

In the winter of 2013, Aziza became one of the last members to join the professional female worldwide singer’s community known as “Eve’s Apple” before it ended later that year. “Eve’s Apple” was a community of female singers who performed concerts, showcased events, supported and gave advice to one another. Eve’s Apple has performed at the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium and at Dame Nation Festival in Chicago.

Aria Flame’s debut EP, which should be released in late summer or early fall of 2014, is being produced by bassist Greg Cloon of Underground Studios and mixed and mastered by Grammy Award Winning producer Neil Kernon (Nevermore, Nile, Judas Priest). Their first single, “Divine World” was released on September 3, 2013 to the public. Then at midnight of Halloween in 2013, Aria Flame released their first music video for it. The video had received rave reviews and attention worldwide landing them international press and a growing fan base.

Aria Flame will be performing a trilogy of female fronted metal shows, starting with opening for international acts, Xandria and Delain on September 15, 2014, then performing at Sirens of Metal Festival and Milwaukee Meowsic Festival in early October, before making their way to the Metal Female Voices Festival on October 17th-19th in Belgium, where they will be performing alongside international act such as, Therion, Draconian and Diabulus in Musica.

Photography: Tim Tronckoe


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