Epic fantasy metal with stories about a realm called Nephilim

Annysia is an epic fantasy metal band that tells stories about a realm called Nephilim. They are similar to a sound track to a movie. They use different genres of metal to personify the music. So if there is a battle it will be very heavy and fast, also if it’s peace time it will be more symphonic and operetic.

Annysia is the name of the dark fairies living in the dark forest in nephilim. They are the watchers and keep the balance. They are extremely powerful and are not evil nor good. They believe there needs to be a balance in life to create true harmony.

Theband members have created characters in the nephilim realm. The band was created by Rose Mack aka Demontia and Mike LePond from symphony X in 2012. Finally the band became complete in 2014 with Valna a valkyrie guitarist,Captain Valiant the pirate drummer, and Akwatiro the elven bassist. The first CD will be released soon and will continue to produce music and play shows.


-Demontia: vocalist and orchestra composer (Spain)
-Captain Valiant: drummer and orchestra composer (Spain)
-Jön Thörgrimr: soundtrack composer (Spain)
-Valna (vikign warrior princess): lead guitarrist (spain)
-Akwatiro: bass player (spain)
-Mike Lepond: bass player (New Jersey)

Photographer: William Mack


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