Combining the basic of thrash metal and musical influences of different sub-styles, mostly symphonic and power metal

The project was born in Croatia, formed by Damir Marijan Maras, Jurica Baljak and Siniša Antunovic Medo. They were combining the basic of thrash metal and musical influences of different sub-styles, mostly symphonic and power metal. It became seriously when Ivana Anic Lara decided to join them.

It was very obvious from the start, the songs were created with complex arrangements, so the first lineup with Tomislav Oliver (keyboards) and Luka Putica (bass) could not keep up the pace, so when have arrived the last two members; Jurica Bazant and Juraj Birin the project had become the band.

Now consisting of six very talented musicians; from academically educated musicians to musicians with many years of experience performing and recording. Members of the band are; Damir Marijan Maras (rhythm-guitar), Siniša Antunović-Medo (bass), Jurica Baljak (drums), Juraj Birin (solo guitar), Jurica Bažant (keyboards) and Ivana Anic-Lara (vocal).

They decided to call the band: AngelSeed.

Not being slaves to any metal sub-genre in particular, AngelSeed is proud to made the songs as mixture of different sub-genres of heavy metal music, from symphonic metal, power, goth, thrash, with a touch of different folk and classical instruments as well, which complements and ennobles the base of heavy metal.

Lyrics of songs reflects their attitudes about life, wishes, friendship, desires, love, sadness and happiness and thoughts of death and life in general. All combined with elements of fantasy, including different fictional characters, different Worlds and dimensions. AngelSeed is trying to give their fans some free space to extract their own conclusions and create their own ideas. Though the lyrics separate stories, at the same time they become a whole, if you approach them.

AngelSeed’s the first introduction to general public as support for one of the biggest female fronted band, Within Temptation. The great acceptance from the crowd and positive feedback of people gave them wings to fly and they decided to realize the idea of recording abroad. The band sets off to Sweden at Sweetspot studio to record and produce their first album guided by the Swedish producer Rickard Bengtsson.

After thorough preparations in their own studio in Samobor, Croatia, recording were going literally around the clock, 24 hours a day, month and a half stretched between 2 studios and was extremely demanding. Countless hours of work were invested in this album from the members of the band, guest musicians and their producer.

As time passed and their productive ideas were more complex, the band decided to collaborate with another famous producer Jens Bogren (Fascination Studio) who mixed and mastered their recordings.

AngelSeed’s got the opportunity to present itself in their country as models on the novel covers „Gordana“ by M. J. Zagorka. Author was one of the most productive novelist in Croatia whose quality as writer, was changing attitudes of her male colleagues. „Gordana“ was her the most comprehensive work, the timeless series of novels, consisting in 12 books, which is shaped Igor CC Kelcec, renowned photographer and illustrator.

During 2014 AngelSeed made self-realized EP in limited edition and did the Eastern Europe tour, promoting their songs on stage in five countries.

AngelSeed committed to Sliptrick Records and they released the album „Crimson Dyed Abyss“ with eleven songs on CD and release scheduled was for 29.11.2015.


Ivana Anic Lara – vocals

Damir Marijan Maras – guitar
Jurica Baljak – drums
Jurica Bazant – keyboards
Sinisa Antunovic – bass
Juraj Birin – guitar

Photographer: Igor CC Kečec


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