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Interview with Angélica Elfic

Interview with Angélica Elfic as seen on Gothic and Amazing Magazine issue #5 – Fairy Goths

Cover credits: Photo & MUA:  Eleán’art, Costume: Elfic wear

Angélica Elfic was born and raised in Portugal. She has been a fashion designer since a very young age, creating unique clothes and accessories. She is now the proud owner of her own clothing line (Elfic Wear) modeling her unique pieces – creating  characters by making amazing fairy tales come to life  with her talent. Angélica has a unique sense of style and an amazing look. Let’s get to know her a bit better …

1. How would you describe yourself?
I see myself as a mad scientist, always trying to build up what I see in my dreams.

2. You are a great model, and an amazing artist creating dream costumes. Which came first modeling or design?
I started to create my own clothes and accessories in my childhood. I never imagined myself as a model. This happened because I was waiting for a model to arrive to make some photos with the pieces I create, and she didn’t come. So I had to dress myself with my creations and become the model.

3. How would you describe your style as a designer and what do you try to portray through your designs? 
To simplify, I think I can consider myself a Fantasy designer.

In each creation I try to bring to life the imaginary creatures I seen in my dreams and daydreams. Even if is something relative to Steampunk, Elves, more dark or warrior, I need to make them look like magical beings.

4. You have won many drawing and designing awards. Where do you get your inspiration from?
My main inspiration comes from people that I have a great admiration for: Tolkien, Jules Verne, Einstein, Hans Zimmer, Tim Burton, Luis Royo…  I also love video games..  What I create is a mix of this and my own imagination.

5. You are now the owner of your own brand and a model of your own designs… Is this a dream come true for you?
I have to admit that I never thought that I was going to become a Fashion Designer or Model. That was never in my plans! At the beginning, I was creating clothes only for me because I couldn’t find the type look on the store racks.. But soon friends, and friends of my friends, started wanting my creations. In the middle of this, Elfic Wear was born. I always saw myself becoming an archaeologist or a biker…NEVER a Fashion Designer or Model. Ahah!

6. What do you think that makes Elfic Wear stand out from other brands?
My main goal is to create unique pieces, so each person that gets it, gets something special.

Besides that, it’s a one person business, in where I make everything: starting from the drawings; sew; work on leather, wood and metal; sculpt, pack the orders and ship them.

7. What about fabrics, which ones do you prefer to work with?
I have a huge passion for velvets and brocades. They make beautiful pieces.

8. You started in a small country (Portugal) where it is difficult to be different, but now your work is now famous all over the world. How does that make you feel?
It the beginning it was tough. Following your own path is never easy, yet it is the best way to achieve happiness. The best reward of all comes from the realization that other people, all over the world, have opened their hearts to me and my designs.

9. You make very nice and unique exclusive pieces but do you ever accept special requests from clients?
Sometimes I get special orders, like someone ordering something for a beloved person or orders for cinema and theater. But in one way or another, all orders I get are special! When I am the chosen one to make the design, that makes me feel really happy!

10. From all your amazing and unique designs can you pick a favorite?
I have two favorite types of pieces: Armor Shoulder Pads, Leather Pocket Belts and Headpieces with Horns.

11. If you could dress anyone for a special photo shoot, who would it be?
If one day I’m able, I wish I could dress Cate Blanchett. I simply love this actress, and she seems to be such a nice person in real life.

12. What more can we expect from you in the future?
In the future you can expect more characters with more and more details and better made.

13. You are still young with so much you have already accomplished.  Have you reached your life goals or is there more that you envision?
I hope I never get to the day that I think I have reached all my life goals, as that will be a very sad day.  In my point of view, we need to have new goals to grow up as a person. (I still want to be a biker!)

14. So to end … You know you have many fans out there: What would you like to say to them?
I want to thank you all for the support I get from all around the world. This makes me feel that I am not so odd, and that, out there, they’re more people like me. Be yourself and follow always your dreams. They are the most precious and genuine pieces we have.

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