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Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry

A jewelry designer from Bulgaria influenced by fantasy books of J.R.R. Tolkien , vampires and the aesthetics of the darkness

My name is Rali and I am the designer and owner of Aeternum Nocturne Gothic Jewelry and fashion.

I come from the beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria. I started with my previous brand in 2011 but I changed it to Aeternum Nocturne Gothic Jewelry and fashion this year as I needed a fresh start and a brand that will stand out and will reflect mostly my vision.

I simply adore the Gothic culture in its every aspect. That is why my brand is hugely influenced by the aesthetics of the darkness, the melancholy for a fading world and the love for the past times. I am also a heavy vampire fan (not Twilight, but more like the ones in Anne Rice’s books) and I love Gothic Symphonic  metal music and bands like Apocalyptica, old Nightwish, Epica, Lacuna coil, Within Temptation and many more that really inspire my work a lot.

The other part of me is hugely influenced by fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien books and everything Celtic. I love to work with lace, metal and sparkling crystals and to experiment with colors and materials. I started recently to make more accessories like fascinators and hats and even corsets and some clothes. One of my aspirations for the future is to start making my collections with not only a whole set of jewelry and accessories but also with clothes and corsetry. I am really very influenced by history, especially the one of costumes, so in the future this will have more and more impact on my creations.

This year was also a new start for me in one more aspect – the photo shoots. I started making them with the help of excellent Bulgarian photographers, MUA and models and it has been a great fun!  I also went international this year of course with the huge help and support by Gothic and Amazing and soon will make some collaborations with international models which will be a great adventure for me! I am also one of the founders of Gothic fest Sofia, which is held here on 25-26th of October and will be a huge event with lots of bands on our three stages, a Gothic bazaar, performances and many many surprises. I really hope that I will surprise you in the future with many new collections and nice collaborations. An Eternal night or night in the eternity…. welcome to my world!

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