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About Gothic and Amazing

Gothic and Amazing started out as someone’s dream to show the world that Goth doesn’t have to be just dark and depressing. Like a black rose is dark but yet  beautiful so why not find beauty in the dark and be Gothic and Amazing. And with that, one day a Facebook  page was born trying to show the beautiful part of Goth. The goal was to support everyone that fit that description  from  models to photographers, make-up artists, stylists, music bands, shop owners and all kinds of Goth form of art.

The idea was also to show that supporting each other, people could grow along with their pages. So from one person’s dream, a team of people with the same beliefs was born, the G&A team. Here we are now making our mark and showing how we all see the goth-subculture.

Be sure that we all will do our best to show support and to answer all messages so feel free to contact anyone of us.

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Our Team

Sil Costa
Founder of Gothic and Amazing and Interviewer

I am from Lisbon Portugal and I work in advertising as an event planner. I’m Goth and that is a very bad word here so I did and sometimes still do have to hide my Goth side to get work (and for that I mean the way I dress or the color of my hair simple things like that and clean up like they say).  So if I can’t change the world why not show them what I see, show that Goth is not bad. In fact Goth can even be Amazing and here I am supporting alternative life styles and all the good people in it and even  learning with them, making good friends.

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Apov Visual Artist
Official Photographer

Hi, my name is Apov from Paris and now based in Lisbon. I was always in loved with photography, started to shoot when I was 16 but I had my Photographer & Retoucher training in Synaps Design Formation 5 years ago and since then I became a professional photographer.Because I’m always looking for a new point a view and a good challenge I acceped the proposal of becaming the official photographer for Gothic and Amzing. As part of G&A team I now shoot on collaboration shoots and events for all our social media.

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Kathy Fotiadi
Marketeer and Gothic and Amazing Magazine editor

Hi there! I’m Kathy, 30 years old and I live in Athens, Greece. I studied Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business, I am the owner and designer of Nocturne Jewellery and currently working as a Digital Marketing Specialist at ZonePage, a digital agency.
Fascinated by gothic fashion and lifestyle, I have found my happy place at Gothic and Amazing. Besides social media and website management, I am also the curator of our quarterly publication. Always thrilled to discover new talented people and showcase their work to our fans. Feel free to contact me with your inquiries, I’m here to help in every way I can! 🙂

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Aris Ioakimidis
Web Designer & Developer

Hi there! My name is Aris and I am 32 years old. I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and grew up in Athens, where I currently reside. I studied Electronics and Computer Science but my passion is photography. I have developed the Gothic and Amazing website.

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