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9 Festivals Celebrating the Gothic Subculture [Infographic]

9 Festivals Celebrating the Gothic Subculture [Infographic]

The gothic Subculture began in England during the early 1980s and it has reached to several countries since then gaining followers who enjoy it through events. These festivals and events mainly feature gothic style of fashion and music. Goth world is dark, loud and elegant. Festivals celebrating the gothic subculture bring together like-minded people to dance, shop and play. Artists from various backdrops- Gothic Metal, Punk, and Industrial etc. perform at various venues. Below infographic, created by Blue Magik, revolves around 9 festivals celebrating the gothic subculture.

1. Wave-Gotik-Treffen

This annual world festival for dark music features more than 150 acts and artists. 18k-20k people attend this festival making it one of the largest events of the gothic, cybergoth and steampunk subcultures around the world.

2. Whitby Goth Weekend

It is bi-yearly music event for Goths and it attracts 1500+ attendees from across the UK and beyond. Often referred as Whitby, this is one of the most popular gothic music events.

3. Convergence

This annual gothic event is run by and for members of the alt.gothic and newsgroup, as well as other related Usenet newsgroups. This event features various music events, art shows, bazaars and more.

4. Infest

It is an annual 3-day event held at University of Bradford Union. This event features alternative musical acts from various genres.

5. Bats Day In The Fun Park

This annual 3-day event basically started as a small goth “meet up” event of about 80 people from two dance clubs. Now, this event has included more aspects of gothic subculture as well.

6. M’era Luna Festival

It is held annually on 2nd weekend of August in Hildesheim, Germany. With its 20k-25k attendees, M’era Luna is one of the largest dark music events.

7. Lumous Gothic Festival

This 4-day event is organised every summer and it is the largest gothic event in Finland. Gothic rock, deathrock, industrial and EBM are the musical genres covered in this event.

8. Vampire 5K

This is the festival where black-shirt-wearing “vampires” meet with white-shirt-wearing “civilians”. A civilian turns vamp after being tagged twice by Vamp. This festival is so much fun.

9. Endless Night Vampire Ball

This is a one-night club event held annually in New Orleans, New York City and Berlin. This event features Burlesque and cabaret performances.

Article & Infographic by Blue Magik


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