40 Years of Men’s Goth Style

40 Years of Men’s Goth Style is a short fashion video celebrating the clothing, hair and make-up styles worn by males in the Gothic subculture. It’s the follow-up to the successful 40 Years of Goth Style, which got goths all around the world talking and has amassed more than 2.7 million YouTube views, and coverage in global media from Vice and Buzzfeed to the Washington Post and Daily Mail.

The history and evolution of this dramatic and often transgressive, gender-bending men’s style is documented with a time-lapse of a model being transformed into nine different looks, starting with 1976’s UK punk and including ‘80s Trad Goth, ‘90s Vampire and Industrial goths, the 21st century Cyber Goth and  the contemporary Death Rock revival.

Created by Liisa Ladouceur, author of the definitive Encyclopedia Gothica, the video is a true creative collaboration between artists with their own background in the Goth scene. Original music was composed by Jordan Allen (of Toronto electro-pop acts Yi, ROLEMODEL and Weight) with additional songs by Toronto sludge rockers Nice Cat and Dead Wizardz, the instrumental side-project by Stu Dead, artist and creator of PlayDead Cult, whose fashions are featured alongside independent Canadian designers House of Etiquette Latex, Fetish for Fashion and PlastikWrap.

Fans of street fashion and club culture will recognize how youth subculture and trends such as rave and fetish have been adopted and adapted by Goth tribes, but that ultimately, Black will always be the New Black.

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