40 Years of Goth Style

From ’70s punk to Nu Goth, four decades of dark alternative fashion in under 4 minutes. Because it’s more than just black lipstick. In just under four minutes, 40 Years of Goth Style takes viewers through the evolution of the clothing, hair and make-up styles of those seductive children of the night—from 1970s punk rockers up to today’s Ouija-worshipping Nu Goths. As seen for the first time on Noisey, it presents 10 unique looks in a playful time-lapse that challenge stereotypes and reveal Goth’s not dead, even if it sometimes looks that way. The original digital short is created by Liisa Ladouceur a video producer and author of the definitive Encycyclopedia Gothica. “I was really quite bored of seeing the headline ‘Celebrity X Goes Goth’ every time a model or pop star shows up on a red carpet wearing all black,” says Liisa. “That’s not what Goth is about. And while I’m a fan of the many different ‘fashion history in two minute’ videos, they all seem to showcase conventional, very mainstream beauty standards. I wanted to create something that celebrated the wilder, weirder goth girls out there, and to really show how goth style has evolved over the decades.” The entire production was made by an all-female crew in Toronto, Canada. It showcases clothing from many Canadian independent designers, including House of Etiquette latex, Plastik Wrap and Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy. Music is by indie artists Amy’s Arms, Johnny Hollow, and For Esmé. In 40 Years of Goth Style, fans of street fashion and club culture will recognize how youth trends such as rave and cosplay have been adopted and adapted by Goth tribes but that ultimately Black will always be The New Black.

Liisa Ladouceur is a Toronto-based arts journalist and documentary producer specializing in the dark side of art and culture. She is the author of the books Encyclopedia Gothica and How to Kill a Vampire, co-writer of the feature documentary Satan Lives!, and a producer for BangerTV, an all-heavy metal specialty channel in development by Banger Films. In 2016, she founded Bombshell Productions, a company dedicated to producing film and video content created by women, for everyone.

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