The Gothic Shop

Well, here we are again doing a collaboration with one of our favorite gothic shops ever.
Julie is always very helpful trying to help out what we really need for the project, and because it was Halloween) we tried to run away from typical witches and vampires so we went with a series from our teens (edges ago), I know there are a few remakes but our version of V (tv series) were some kind of reptile aliens so we kind of recreated that. WE chose a easy going outfit that could pass as anyone, the model was comfortable and free to pose in her “VAIDA BLACK GREEN” outfit from “Punkrave” ( stay tuned it’s on sale now).

But that was not all, of course we had something special for the eyes, so we went to out friends’ art MOCO-Queen (they have a huge range of lenses) and got these amazing and when I say amazing is because they look very realist, so the Lizard & Snake eye were the perfect choice. The lenses came very well boxed they last for 3 months with proper care, and they came in a box that not only has the case to save the lenses but also with some utilities the less experienced will appreciated a lot because it helps to put the lenses on and of…. if you are looking for total perfection you got it.

There is one last thing to say, we do take pride on our G&A adventures, we do not claim to know it all but we are humble enough t learn as we do t and to listen to the ideas of other, we are a small team and we do not make tones of money with this project, so all the help we have been having from all the shops, all the designer and brands ., really mean the world for us. We are not forget all the models that stand our crazy ideas in the heat and in the cold (poor girls) all the make up artists and hairdressers, do know that if we are all growing and learning and fighting for our believes is as much on you guys then it is in us.

We had the luck to make real friends along the, some we meet in person and some we will meet soon but a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU:

Until them Dare to stay Unique …

Photo Credits:

Model: @mkaaamano
Photo: @apov_photo

Dress: @thegothicshop

Lenses: @mocp-queen

#im_mos ( I’m My Own Style)

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