Cover credits: Photo by @oetzbrugger
Photo by @oetzbrugger

Alegna Interview

Alegna Dekadens is a young mom of 2 beautiful kids plus is also a dedicated nurse living in Austria. She started to model back in 2013 because the photographer requests for photoshoots started to pill up , so finally she said yes.
Her unique look with several tattoos and piercings toke her to alternative and tattoo modeling. But soon she found out that her heart in fact in fantasy modeling , o she started crafting headpieces and them a all outfit around it .

She is now a international published model and very respected by the goth community around the world.
This time she just caught ou attention, if someone has a strong and unique styling is Alegna. So here is an exemple of how to be strong to our believes.

1 – How would you describe yourself?

I’m a typical introvert … I like and appreciate time by myself. I find my head very entertaining and sometimes have to make a huge conscious effort to be more engaged with the external world and other people. I love order but I’m very chaotic most of the time. On the other hand, I am very reliable and social in my job as a nurse.

2 – How did modeling enter your life, was it long-time dream? 

Absolutely no … it was about 10 years ago – I was completely into body modification. I had about 50 piercings and Microdermals at that time and some tattoos, my boyfriend just had his tongue split done in Germany and we had a great time. I got requests for photo shootings on Facebook because the photographers liked my piercings and tattoos.

3 – What lead you to alternative modeling?

I didn’t conform to mainstream ideals of beauty and “normal” modeling has never been my intention.

4 – Do you feel connected to the alternative community in your country, and would you tell us a bit more about it? 

I never really found access to a community. There have always been individuals I loved to spend my time with and also visit concerts and festivals. I live in Tyrol, when I was younger there was a time when great bands came to Innsbruck. Now I have to drive about 2 hours to visit a concert (Munich or Salzburg most of the time).

5- You make your own headpieces and outfits; do you think that helps you as a model? Or is it the other way around?

Yes, every DIY helps. As often as I can I visit flee markets and 2nd hand shops to find crafting material, clothes or accessories for shootings. I really love 2nd hand and it’s a cheap way to create great looks without spending tons of money.

Cover credits: Photo by @bellasteger
Photo by @bellasteger
Cover credits: Photo by @bellasteger
Cover credits: Photo by @bellasteger
Cover credits: Photo by @oetzbrugger
Photo by @oetzbrugger
Cover credits: Photo by @oetzbrugger
Photo by @oetzbrugger
Cover credits: Photo by @oetzbrugger
Photo by @oetzbrugger

6- With so many different looks I must ask where do you go for inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration is nature and the change of seasons, witch stuff and old legends.

7- Does being a mom helps to bring out your creativity? Do your kids enjoy your photos?

I love being a mom and I think being creative is my balance to the routine with my kids. It’s just difficult to implement all the ideas, to tinker in peace. For my three-year-old son, my crafts are wonderful toys so I have to put everything out of his reach. But they like my photos, especially when I am a witch.

8- Do you have a favorite photoshoot a favorite costume from all the ones you already done, one that left you with good memories?

Yes, the Mushroom Witch and the Mother Nature shooting with the owl Navajo are my favorites. It was a lot of fun to craft the hat / headpiece and everything feels just coherent with these concepts.

9– And for a near future do you have any concepts for photo shoots that you can’t wait to try out? 

There are so many half-finished projects … Moth Queen, Krampus, Green Witch, Viking. Sometimes months or a year go by before I’m really happy with a concept.

10 – You look amazing in your modeling outfits! But how do you dress on your everyday life? 

It actually depends on the season. In Spring and Summer I really enjoy wearing earth tones, long fluttering skirts, cropped tops … wide Palazzo pants. Very Hippie-like. In Autumn and Winter I wear black and grey to 98%. Skinny jeans, boots … nothing exciting, but comfortable.

11- You are an international published model; how does that make you feel?

I’m not sure. I always feel a bit uncomfortable with compliments or when someone expresses interest in my person. But I like the interest in my art so it just overwhelms me that there are so many people who like it.

12- What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?

If we talk about modeling … my every-year-highlight is my appearance in the Orkus Magazine calendar. There have also been some appearances in other magazines but there is a special connection to the Orkus Magazine. I even think without it I would have stopped modeling at some point. There were phases when I had a single shoot a year (especially after the pregnancies) and felt like I lost my “mojo”. Nevertheless, they kept coming up to me and asked for a picture of me for their calendar. I am grateful because it showed me that what I do is good enough.

14 – After all that what more can we expect seeing you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?

To be content with life and have a good mental baseline to fall back on. Raising my kids to awesome personalities. 

What you can expect to see me doing? Hopefully travelling 🙂

15- Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without? 

I don’t have a lot of hobbies beside my family … crafting and listening to Podcasts and music. I love to spend time in my wild garden. I guess I’m pretty boring 🙂

16- Name three things you simply cannot go without every single day.

My skincare routine, my Alpro soya yoghurt and Energy drinks 😉


17- Well, not wanting to abuse your time, just one last question; You have many fans out there. What message would You like leave for them?

I appreciate you <3

Photo Credits:

Photos (Green Outfit):@bellasteger

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