Cherrylips is an alternative model from Barcelona who entered the world of alternative fashion photography 15 years ago. She has been the image for renowned designers such as Bibian Blue with which she also participated in the haute couture catwalk for the 11:11 (Eleven/Eleven) collection. She was featured on a few Magazine Covers like  Bizarre Magazine, Gothic Girl Magazine, and book covers, she can do it all you can also find her as a co-host of a music program called sin Darkcelona TV with Yamie Spechie that you can find on the youtube channel called Die In the Disco.

Thank you dear for taking the time for this interview and lets us all get to know you better :

1. How do you describe yourself?

I describe myself as a fun but decisive person. As a good Gemini, you can always find opposite characteristics in me, like Ying and Yang. This is the reason that everything in my house is black and white even my cats and of course my soul.

2. When did you start with your modeling career and what lead you to Alternative/goth modeling?

I started at 18 years old for the Toni Prim photographic modeling agency in my hometown, Lleida (Catalonia), but I immediately realized that conventional fashion did not motivate me. Then three years later I began to collaborate with the designer Bibian Blue for her new collection of corsets and there is when I was introduced to the world of alternative modeling.

3. Do you feel connected to the alternative lifestyle, and how is that like in Barcelona?

Yes, in fact, I consider it my way of life, my music my way of dressing, everything that interests me I would say is related in one way or another to the alternative world.

I live in Barcelona and whenever I can I travel to Berlin where I have my second residence. I would say that these two cities for me are the alternative epicenter of Europe.  I feel Berlin like the definition of the underground, and in Barcelona, you can find a charming bohemian atmosphere. What makes me sad is that in Barcelona many gothic clubs that made the nights magical in the past,  now are closed, but our Undead Dark Club still survives.

4. Why the modeling name Cherrylips can you tell us the story behind that name?

The story comes from the song called Cherrylips by Garbage band, I spent a whole summer humming the: “Go Baby Go Go , We’re right behind you Go baby Go Go Yeah we’re looking at you…”  and in the second instance because I adore red lipstick and it’s something that characterized me for a long time.

5. What do you think makes you stand out from other models?

I think that all models have something to contribute and create by their own talent. If something can differentiate me, is the long experience that I have as an alternative model, where I did not train in social networks and especially being self-taught. I like to create my own makeup, outfits, choreographies for videoclips, scripts… and something that photographers love: I do my makeup in 30 minutes and change my clothes in 5 minutes. Magic?  xD

6. I know you usually like to plan all aspects of a photo shooting, like the Styling and the makeup, where do you go for inspiration?

Yes, I always get inspired depending on the style. When I receive the clothes is when I can choose the hair color, makeup, or even get inspired by movies or characters. For example, with the latest styling, they sent me from Punkrave.

7. And what about your photos, do you work with a photographer or do you take your pictures yourself? please tell us a bit about your process of making a good picture.

I work with both. For paid works or collaborations it’s usually with a professional photographer but I also like to combine selfies with my mobile. Above all, the process would be good lighting and editing, but for me something fundamental is expressiveness. It doesn’t matter how you are, but it’s important to your photos speak.

8. Do you have an idol, someone that you look up to for?

I am fascinated by women who were advanced to the time they lived like Maila Nurmi or Betty Page, I feel great admiration for them and they inevitably accompany me as a source of inspiration, especially in the program in which I was a presenter on “Darkcelona TV” and in my collaboration in “El Ataque de las Vampiras TV”.

9. We know you are a featured model in several magazines, how does that make you feel?

Recognizing artistic work is always something very rewarding, I also appreciate that magazines give voice to that dark side that is sometimes not found in most bookstores.

10. And how did you come to become one of the faces of a designer like Bibian Blue, and you tell us a bit more about that kind of work?

All started in a photo session in the store to publicize the new corset designs and shirts, from there several posters were printed and I think it was the beginning of my becoming known as an alternative model in Barcelona. Since this moment I started to work for alternative, gothic, and latex fashion catalogs and also participated in the catwalk of the eleven collections by Bibian Blue.

11. You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?

Thank you so much. The look in the photos is the one that you could usually see if you meet me at a party in Berlin or Barcelona, or at some concerts or festivals,  but from Monday to Friday I wear comfortable clothes, dark but casual, or if I have meetings I also have suits. I don’t go to the supermarket in a corset, although it would be totally cool.

12. You must have a lot of requests for collaborations with brands, shops, and designers, what makes you say yes to a collaboration?

I think that the stores that are starting deserve some help to get off the ground and collaboration can be a very cheap way to start being known. To accept collaboration it has to be for products that are related to the atmosphere of my profile, although I don’t usually close myself to anything, once I was asked for a collaboration with sex toys or shiny gold imitation jewelry rings … and well the answer was not.

13.What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?

My work with Bibian Blue (I adore her designs), being a presenter on Darkcelona TV for the first time, and being part of an exhibition in New York I think was the most outstanding event.

14. How about your work as a host of programs on Darkcelona Tv, can you tell us a bit about that work?

It all started as an initiative by the singer from Malefixio, Eva Palacio, and musician Fernando R. to publicize bands of different dark styles located in Barcelona (including postpunk, electro, coldwave, medieval, folk …). I was in charge of presenting the bands before the concerts via streaming. We take the opportunity to unleash our imagination with different props and characters.

15. After all that what more can we expect to see you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?

I would love to have time to create my own music project, although I play guitar  I’m also trying to learn classical piano. Many times I think that the day doesn’t have enough hours for all the things that I would like to do.

16. Do you have any hobbies, something you really enjoy doing just for fun?

I am fascinated by music, and sometimes I try to compose. My favorite hobby is free diving, so living on the coast makes it easier to get lost in some creeks of the Costa Brava, the silence under the sea and their inhabitants are magical. I also love to cook.

17. Name three things you simply cannot live without every single day?

My cats, my music, and olive oil.

18. So to end … You know you have many fans out there What do you like to say to them?

I wanted to sincerely and heartily thank all the support received, the truth is that it’s fascinating to see all the positive comments and I feel very lucky to have such sweet people as followers. It took me a long time to open an Instagram page, but for them, it was worth it.


Model: @CherryLips

Photos (Post): @alba_foto_bcn

Photo (header): @dani_padro

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Cover credits: Model: Jolien Rosanne, Picture by Wendy Appelman