Cover credits: Model & Styling: Kseniya Arhangelova, Dress: Belinda Barry
Cover credits: Model & Styling: Kseniya Arhangelova, Dress: Belinda Barry

Interview with Annie Bertram

Photographer from Zurich, Switzerland
Model: La Esmeralda, Corset: V-Couture, Headpiece: Fairytale
Model: La Esmeralda, Corset: V-Couture, Headpiece: Fairytale
Model: Denise DC, Outfit: Bibian Blue
Model: Denise DC, Outfit: Bibian Blue
Model & Styling: Nina de Lianin, Outfit: OrologiSilenziosi Timeless Couture
Model & Styling: Nina de Lianin, Outfit: OrologiSilenziosi Timeless Couture

Annie Bertram is an amazing gothic photographer with an unique kind of vision, she is working for more the then 15 years and has numerous publications , exhibitions and books as well. Her work is inspired by fairy-tails our movies but etch photo-shoot tells a different story. She is from Zurich, Switzerland but you can see her work all over the world .

1. How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself more as an artist than as a photographer.
I try to visualize my dreams and what is inside of me.  Drawing pictures of the inside.

2. What draws you to photography?
My beginning of being an artist started with an evening classes at the “Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst” in Leipzig / Germany. My main focus lay on painting at this time. Later I was invited to a birthday party and someone asked me to take a picture with a SLR camera. The view through this camera fascinated me and I bought analogue Minolta SLR. Many years I took analogue photographs and also developed them by myself in a darkroom. Later as digital SLR cameras came to the market new possibilities opened up. Photo edit in Photoshop became more and more important to me. Today I can combine both – photography and art.

3. You have the must amazing pictures in Alternative and Goth style was that a personal choice our just work?
Music inspires me a lot and I always listen to music when I am working. Mostly I listen to alternative and independent music, especially “gothic”.
I can describe myself also as a part of the gothic scene. Most of my friends are also gothics. I love to visit gothic parties and concerts. And you can always find me at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. So I am not just a photographer, I am part of it.

4. Do you fell related to any alternative life style ?
Yes, it is more my life-style than a normal one.

Model: Scaredy Cat, Corset: V-Couture, Mua: Sofija Dimoska
Model: Scaredy Cat, Corset: V-Couture, Mua: Sofija Dimoska

5.  I can see you have very unique pictures amazing girls in beautiful dresses in great places, they almost tell a story. were do you get your inspiration from ?
My dreams inspire me a lot. Generally life and what is going on.
I am a story-teller.

6.  When you think of a certain photo-shoot do you also chose the model that best fits your goal our models come to you by  agencies our brands you work with?
The personal relationship to the model is very important to me. So that’s why I mostly work with people I know for a certain time. A perfect face is not always enough to take a good photo. The expression of emotions is for me much more important.

7.  I imagine that with so many work done it will be hard to chose a favorite but yet i must ask you what is your favorite type of photo-shoot?
Being inspired of abandoned buildings/places and tell a story what could happen there.
(please see my book “Obsolete Angels”)

8. I bet you have tones of models wanting a chance to make a photo-shoot with you so what do you look for in a model that makes you want the shoot with her?
An interesting portfolio with different types of pictures, not all of them must show real beauty. I really like emotional and expressive photos. Some which touch my heart. Models which are able to work in extreme situations and are do not shy to do extreme shootings. Models which resist coldness. Also creativity and being part in the preparations of the photo shooting.

9. Your pictures are published all the time, you also made books with some and even won book of the year in 2008, how does that all make you feel?
Like a dream came true. I really love to see if my pictures printed on paper / canvas as art.

10. As a fan myself i can wait to see what’s next, so  what can we look forward to seeing from your work in the future?
At the moment I work on another fairy tale book (2nd part of “Wahre Märchen”) Which will take me the rest of the year. For spring 2014 the release is planned followed by exhibitions and a special event. I will keep you posted. In addition a calendar for 2014 is in the row, which will be released by the end of September / beginning October.

11. Well not wanting to abuse your time just one last question: You do know you have many fans all over the world what message would you like to send to them?
Thank you all of you for your support and please don’t forget to support your scene and your artists.

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