Catarina aka Angelique is from the north of Portugal (Viseu) she took a course in drawing  in school but she does not consider herself a professional stylist but more a creator because she had to learn everything by herself and has she says she keeps learning more and more everyday. Her amazing talent and her beautiful unique creations are catching eyes all over Europe , that made us curious about who is the person behind Angelique so we reached out to her after an amazing photoshoot collaboration that we manage to make in 2020 let me just say that we were all blown away with her outfits, the amount of accessories and  details are out of this world. Just take a few minutes to get to know Angelique and we bet that you will be just as in loved with her and her work as we are.

01-How would you describe yourself?

I don’t describe myself as a stylist, because I never took any course related to it. I am trained in the design of teaching variant. I describe myself more as a creator, in which my pieces are my art.

02-Having your own brand is exciting but it can also be a challenge. How easy or difficult was to actually create it?

Angelique was created in a moment of unemployment,  well i was already doing clothes for myself and for some friends but it was only a hobby not a plan for the future. But when I lost my job I decided to take advantage of that passion and see what happened … with the help of a great friend  we planned a photoshoot with some of my creations  with those photos we made some social media profiles (facebook, Instangram) and shared the brand out to the world, it wasn’t over night success but I got there.

03-You have amazing pieces, were do you go for inspiration?

Thank you!!! Well to be honest my really inspiration is myself I always make pieces that I would be proud to wear plus I enjoy making unique pieces and not fallow what others are doing , I like to think that I have my own very unique style.

04-Tell us more about your designer name, how did “Angelique” came to life?

I always loved the angelic connotation of the name “Angelique” ,nothing to do with religion more about a higher power of Gods and Goddess and my goal is to create (with my clothes) another world a more beautiful world some kind of a gothic Utopia.

05-How would you describe your style as a designer and what do you try to portray through your designs?  

I like to think that I have a very unique style that I like to call the Angelic Goth bit similar to the romantic goth. I always try to make pieces that I would love to wear and always a all collection, plus I make every single piece in an outfit by hand , from the dress to the under-skit , the sleeves the headpieces all is made by me always trying to create an angelic gothic heaven.

06-What challenges have you had to face in your chosen career? How did you overcome your challenges?

The greatest of all is the style itself, it is not easy in my country (Portugal) to go to work dressed differently, you are hardly accepted by society. Even today in the 21st century, which makes people inhibit to use my creations in public,  is obvious that as much as people love the pieces and would like to wear them, they can only do it in special parties , festivals or concert (unfortunately  we do not have a lot of those here in Portugal) … So to fight the lack of clients I also create pieces in other styles and not exclusively gothic.  But in fact I love making clothes so no matter the style I will be happy.

07-What’s the best part of your job?

Even now in what we may call a “dry time” (because of Covid things are slow) my mind is always working , always day dreaming with the next creation that I’m going to bring to live, I love to choose the materials, creating, sewing, touching fabrics  and then letting my creativity flow plus then I really love to see theme finished . I think I can honestly say that I love everything about my job with all my heart because my job is more then just a job, it’s also my passion.

08-What kind of creative outlet, design and fabrics capture your interest lately? How has your design process evolved over the years?

I love all fabrics, I spent hours in fabric stores just watching and exploring imagining what to do with all the fabrics I touch.

Learning everything by myself was a challenge, maybe the techniques I use are not the best ones I learned everything by observing pieces and attempting to make them so with time I just got better at it.

09-What do you think makes “Angelique” pieces stand out from other brands?

I don’t like to repeat pieces, or if I have to repeat them, I always try to have something different. I like to create unique pieces for my clients, just as I like I enjoy wearing unique pieces I want my clients to have that as well.

It bothers me to see today’s kids that look like they all came from the same factory, they are all the same, dressing all alike and  nothing stands out in their personalities, that is what I really do not like so I work hard to have the opposite of that and all my pieces are one of a kind and I think in our days that does stand out.

11-Your pieces are handmade and unique, with your own personal design but do you take costume orders? What’s the procedure when it comes to buying one of your pieces?

Well when a client asks me for a piece, i always try to have my personal stamp, even if they send me  a picture of something that they want I never make a copy. I try to understand what they want and mix it with a bit of my own understanding of what that piece can be , I start by creating a drawing on paper of what I have in my mind, I chose what  fabrics to use, and making sure I have all the details that are going to make the piece unique but still inside the clients style and taste.

12-I know this can be a hard question to answer, I bet you love all your designs but do you have a piece or a collection that you hold must dear?

That really isn’t easy because … I love them all and I created so many and still is hard for me to choose just one favorite ! Every year I make a new collection and I still keep falling in love with my pieces so I think I will never have just one favorite I think that is why my job is in fact my passion, I put a lot of me in all my creations.

13-What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?

I think it was the photoshoot I manage to make at Grão Vasco Museum here in Viseu, I think it was the perfect combination of my pieces, the models, the place… I just loved the result.

14-Your pieces are very popular amongst the gothic community. Do you feel connected to the goth lifestyle and culture in any way?

Yes of course! I consider myself  am goth.

And as  I said earlier, I started my brand by making clothes for myself since I was a teenager, because finding that type of clothes and having money to buy them was hard back then plus always wanted my Gothic style to be a different and unique as must of the goths that I know , my best clients are goth.

Plus my big secret is that I do not buy clothes , I prefer to create my own pieces so I wear only my creations ( the only problem is that I always end up with to much clothes and no space on my closet.

15-With so many amazing dream pieces you must have many requests for photo collaborations, what makes you say yes to a project? 

I have to be honest and say it:  I so refuse almost everyone, it’s not that I don’t like the person is just that I don’t have the time for it, I have to be focus on my clients.

But from time to time I do enjoy creating a story with my pieces but I have to be involved with the creative part of the photoshoot as well, like choosing the scenario that I think it will fit the outfit ,the model (models do not have to the must beautiful ones but they do have charisma), I even make my own hair an d make up suggestions.

Usually i make a collaboration with a photographer that is a friend of mind and he can almost read what is on my mind so we make great work together and have great fun doing it.

16-If you could dress anyone in the world, who would it be?

Honestly nobody in particular, I just  love it when people show up at events in the goth scene dressed by me and of course i want this to happen more and more in the future specially in international but it doesn’t have to be a famous person , I’m proud to see everyone of my clients wearing my creations.

17-We know that fashion design is your passion, but is there room for others, what do you like to do on your free time?

My time and mind are almost always occupied with what I do, but other then that I continue to paint and draw and I love walking in nature exploring.

18-Can you name 3 things you just can’t live without?

Freedom , Work , And being myself. (Gothic)

19-Sadly, we have reached the end of this interview and I would like to thank you for taking the time to chat with us. What is the message you would like to leave to your fans, followers and our readers?

Just be yourself, be unique, don’t care about comments or stereotypes, life is to short to waste and tomorrow is never granted. Be happy by being yourself  without fear of what others may think.

Note: All pictures are from our collaboration together and I must say that this was for sure one of our favorite collaborations ever , once more we teamed up with the beautiful red hair model and dancer Diana Rosa, and just enjoyed a beautiful relaxing morning in a private beach, hope you guys enjoy the result because we for sure love it.

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Cover credits: Photo by Jamie Mahon Photography & Design