In the heart of a beautiful country, Poland, besides all those various and very amazing models, there’s one unique, gifted girl with the rainbow in her hair, fierce tattoo on her back, filled with charisma, elegance, and beautiful Gothic style. We all know her as Katarzyna Daedra, one of the most amazingly beautiful alternative models of Gothic Culture.

01- How would you describe yourself? 

How would I describe myself? I think I’m very sensitive, introverted, modest and sometimes shy. My sense of humor is a little strange and I have a very sharp tongue. And I often have depressive moods, but I fight with them using my favorite music. I’m also very critical, especially towards myself and I’m also very mischievous. Photography and music is my whole life. I travel a lot (mostly in Poland but not only) to take photos and participate in concerts of my favorite bands.

02- How and when did you start modeling? 

Long time ago I ran away from the camera but my friend convinced me to try to take some photos. But seriously it started with the fact that I set up an account on one of the modelling websites in Poland. I had the first ‘real’ photo shoot at the beginning of 2010. I remember that I was very nervous, but the photographer was professional and very sympathetic. It was great photo shoot. But I liked it and wanted more, so you can see me now.

03- Why alternative modeling, do you feel related to alternative lifestyle if so how is it like in your country?

As a photographer, I became interested very quickly an alternative modelling, but in the beginning I didn’t want to be a model. I think it was so that I saw all those beautiful photos and models (not only made by me) and suddenly I realized that yes! I can also be a part of it! So why not try? I’m too low and too distinctive to be a classic model. And I’ve always liked alternative style and I feel best in this (but I can pose for almost all themes). Unfortunately, in Poland so far people askew look at a person with colored hair or dressed in black, hence, modeling alternative is not best seen in my country and we make pictures mainly for pleasure, not because of orders. But I hope that this will change soon and we will be seen much better.

04- Can you tell us a bit of the story behind the modeling name “Daedra”?

I think it’s nothing special  My nickname comes from a series of games The Elder Scrolls – a few years ago I played a lot of Morrowind and for now I have a great fondness. The Daedras are a group of powerful, supernatural creatures, often evil but not always. I chose it because they come from another world and they are mysterious. If I’d have to identify with one, it would be Azura – goddess of dusk and dawn. 

05- You did so many shoots and you pull out so many amazing looks, I have to ask do you have a favorite shoot, one that left you with good memories? 

Some of my favorite photoshoots were made with my friend and good photographer “The Mad Hatter Imaginarium”, but not only these, I think I may look at them very subjectively and there are more great pictures. From this year, one of my favorite is gothic shoot with AG Camera Tales for Emerald Queen Art.

06- As a model what is your favorite type of photo-shoot? 

I don’t know, really. I love most of the styles which I posed. Gothic, fantasy, rock, steampunk… everything can be beautiful and interesting if we do this well.

07- Most times you also do your own make-up, hair and styling, do you enjoy that part of the work? 

Yeah, I love to prepare everything for photo shoot! Even though sometimes it takes a long time and a fair bit of work. But I’m a perfectionist and everything has to fit together in 100%. That’s why sometimes I’m making the outfit partially myself. And searching for extras sometimes takes months. I don’t like to be limited and I want to try new things. Sometimes enough is one small object, I see it and I can add to it the whole story.

08- How much have you changed since you first started modelling?

Not much, I think. Surely I became more confident and aware of my body and attractiveness, but I never want to look down upon others. I think I’m still the same crazy girl, certainly not ideal.

09- Is there any aspects of a modeling career that you haven’t explored yet and are there some things that you would always avoid?

As you surely noticed, I don’t have nude photos in portfolio. I don’t have to show everything to look sexy. Nude photography is a very difficult field and many photographers cannot do it with style, so the pictures often look vulgar. Of course, there are also beautiful nude photos, but I think it’s not for me.

10- How about photography, when did you got behind the camera?

I’ve worked in photography for about 8 years now, I love the fact that I can create my own world and stories and it really all depends on me. As a model I don’t have such an impact on the final result, a lot depends on the photographer and our visions are not always the same. As a photographer I have the opportunity to present even a small piece of my imagination. In photography is a wonderful feeling that I invent everything from scratch and this whole process brings me a lot of joy. 

11- And do you think that your photography work helped you to became a better model or was it the other way around? 

Of course, thanks that I’m a photographer, I know what look like my pose in pictures and I’m able to work with a photographer at every level, because I pay attention to light, background, and etc. On the other hand, being a model I know how girls feel in front of my lens and thus I can lead the photo shoot in such a way as they not to feel selfconscious. 

12- Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out? 

This year I have been able to accomplish a lot of projects, including those planned for a very long time. Of course I still have some unrealized ideas, but this is not something I have to do now.

13- You were featured on a book cover, magazines and even took part in a video clip, how did it happen, and now that is done, how do you feel?

I don’t have much to say about covers, because this photo shoot wasn’t made specially for the cover, the publisher has bought these photos from stock website. The music video was a completely new experience for me (very tiring), but I liked it. Great, professional team, but everyone had a lot of fun. Now I’ve had participated in three music videos and it was always a tiring, but interesting experience. And it’s a great feeling to see myself in the video or on the cover. I’m proud of this.

14- Do you have any idol, someone you look up to for inspiration? 

Hmm… I don’t know. I try not to copy anyone and build my own brand and style. But I really admire many models, especially Threnody in Velvet, she is awesome.

15- Everyone has their own brand (the thing that makes them stand out), what do you think your brand is? 

I never wondered about it. But many of my fans draw attention to my hair, legs and eyes. So probably one of them can be regarded as a sign of my special.

16- What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?

It’s hard to say. Probably three video clips (for Virgin Snatch, Kampfar and Miss Tara) and my witch editorial for you (because it was my first publication in a magazine) Plus my Gothic and Amazing Cover ( a put a lot of hard work on that but it was worthed).

17- You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?  

Every day I dress comfortably, but I’m trying to make this classy. And of course – all my clothes are black. 
Often I look like a typical metalhead, but I like a too elegant dress and I love heeled boots.

18- Name three things you simply cannot live without every single day. 

Of course music, I can’t imagine even a day without listening to music. And thus – concerts, I’m a little addicted The third thing, unfortunately, is the sweets.

19- You are a “metalhead”, you made that very clear, so name your favorite genre of metal and a few of your favorite bands.

It’s a very difficult question, really. I try not to limit myself when it comes to music genres and I listen to whatever I like. Back in the old days, I listened only to folk/pagan metal (I know, I don’t look like a typical folk girl!  ), now I reach out for other genres: melodic death, doom, industrial, power, sometimes black, gothic and others – but not only metal! I also like lighter music – ambient, darkwave, neoclassical, and sometimes – electro or shanties.
My favorite bands, hm… For sure Thurisaz from Belgium (I attended their concert in Roeselare and it was amazing ), Sólstafir from Iceland, Heidevolk from Netherlands, Vicious Crusade from Belarus, Dark Tranquillity from Sweden, and many, many more.

20- Do you have some other passions besides modeling and photography, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without? 

Of course, music, just as I said before, I love to participate in shows of my favorite bands – I can travel a lot because of this (my record is 1400 km one way when I went to a concert of the Belgian band – Thurisaz). I also love to read books and watch movies and I think that in every genre I can find something for myself.

21- Well not wanting to abuse your time just one last question: You do know you have many fans all over the world, and some consider you an inspiration, what message would you like to leave them?

 I would like to thank Gothic and Amazing for the wonderful support you have given me and for this interview, it’s a great experience for me. And big thank you to all my fans, because everything I do, I do for you! Your support and kind words are a huge motivation for me to continue my work. My dear, remember to always be yourself and if you can do something – do it with heart and do your best.

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