Tatiana is a young beautiful alternative model from Portugal that enjoys pushing the limits and making heads turn. She has been featured in few magazines before but she is making herself know a bit more now that she is traveling and becoming more international so let’s try to learn something new about her in this interview.

1 – How would you describe yourself ?

I’m an easy going and fun person but also very honest and sincere.  I value friendship a lot so I try to be a good friend for my friends. On my work I’m very versatile and I like to apply myself on everything I do. I’m a perfectionist so i push myself over and over to get the best results

2 – How did modeling enter your life, was it a long time dream ?

I never thought I could be a model, my goal was to study criminology and follow that area … But since I was little girl I had a family member who loved to photograph, I think that brought up taste for being in front and with time that became so natural to me that I end up becoming a model.

3 – What lead you to alternative modeling ?

Alternative fashion came into my life just as natural as modeling did, I grow up enjoying everything out of the ordinary, from hair color to fashion I always felt attracted to things that stand out from what society considers “normal”.

When I was 15 I was dressing up Emo style so for me alternative is my “normal”.

4-Do you feel connected to the alternative community in your country and would you tell us a bit more about it ?

Unfortunately Portugal is still a country with a very closed mind, people do not like to go outside there comfort zone specially not when it comes to fashion  but in fact that is one of the reasons I feel attracted to alternative modeling jobs because I would like to pass on the message that you can get out of your comfort zone and still make an amazing beautiful work.

5 – In a world of alternative modeling, every model is her own brand. What makes you stand out ?

Well the 1st thing that definitively stands out are the bow ties tattoos I have on my thighs they for sure known as my brand. The other thing may be the fact that people see me as the rebel mean girl but in fact I really enjoy being versatile and play different kinds of characters.

6 – You do many different types of photoshoots, do you have a favorite genre of photography ?

I think i do a bit of everything really , I did start with sensual photography like lingerie and boudoir and I do feel comfortable doing them but what I really enjoy is playing a role and wearing powerful outfits like and they can go from sexy latex to big lace gothic princess dresses.

7- Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out ?  

I don’t think much about that I really enjoy accepting all challenges that are thrown at me!

8 – Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have someone that you look up to ?

Thinking about that I really don’t have an idol or someone I look up to, I’m a very creative person so I always like to follow my own ideas.

9 – What do you consider to be your biggest career highlights so far ?

Well I’m a lucky person I guess because I’ve had a lot of highlights, I was published in a few magazines, I entered some radio shows and I’ve been invited countless times for realty shows. I’ve also worked for various brands of clothing and lingerie, one that I can stand out because I really, really enjoyed was Royal Black Couture.

10 – What can we expect from you in the future? What are your biggest goals in life ?  

Well my main goal is to grow more into what I do and if I can pass out the message that we can be happy doing what we love no matter what others are going to say opening some minds around here that would be great. Of course that I also what to work with some big brands and designers that I admire but stay tuned because I have some big news coming up.

11 – Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without ?  

I love listening to music and shopping but my biggest addiction is music for sure, I really can not live without it.

12 – Name three things you simply cannot go without every single day.

Of course music, update my feed on social media with new photographic content, planning my next photoshoot.

13 – You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’ ?  

Oh thank you! Well on my daily bases I do not dress as alternative as I once did but I still like to stand out in a more classy glam way but I still do not know how not to stand out.

14 – Well, I don’t wanting to abuse your time, just one last question; You have many fans out there. What message would you like leave for them ?

I would like to thank everyone for all the love and affection they give me, in fact is that love that keeps me going because there is no artist without an audience so thank you all for liking and following my work , it means the world to me .

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Cover credits: Model: Jolien Rosanne, Picture by Wendy Appelman