Bubbas Meltys is UK based  company that makes unique wax meltys and hand candles there products are hand made with highest quality ingredients locally sourced with nothing tested on animals. There collections are inspired on the dark and spoky and you will find a wide range of designs (skulls, brains, ghosts  you think  cute & spoky and thy have it) the smells are out of this wourld and they really relax you chronic . There message goes to raising awareness to illness, mental illness and disability .

They toke a bit of there time to tell more about there project :

  • How would you describe yourself?

A:  I see myself as someone who never gives up, no matter what I am up against I will always fight through.  I am ambitious and driven.  I am super creative with an urge to help others. I love people and am at my best when around my friends and family.  I often self doubt but with age have learned how to ignore those wee negative voices and try to trust myself and my gut.  I have strength beyond what I knew I had, becoming chronically ill and disabled has proved to me that I am a badass.  I am super friendly and just want the best for everyone around me.

  • Having your own brand is exciting but it can also be a challenge. How easy or difficult was to actually create it?

A:  I love my brand so much, but you are right, it is not easy, probably why everyone doesn’t do it lol!  It was incredibly hard to get started due to my own self doubt, but I love what I do…if you are passionate it really helps.

I have been making my own candles and wax melts for years, it was family and friends who begged me to start selling….its still scary and I still doubt my ability, but ill never give up because it is my passion…it felt very organic from conception right through to now and I feel that is because it is my hobby.  If ou are passionate about something then try to make that your business because It will never feel like work and you will always be motivated especially when things get hard.

  • What is the story behind the name Bubbas Meltys?

I am Cheryl aka Bubba….my partner of 17 years has always called me Bubba…it’s a kind of an  affectionate name if that makes sense,  like when you call your partner babe, only he always called me Bubba and it kinda stuck…my products are literally my babies, my creations, my art, so I wanted the brand name to be personal, hence Bubba’s Meltys….my wax melts, my art….really simple lol

  • Why dark and spooky designs?

I’ve been obsessed with spooky, since as long as I can remember….even when I was a kid trick or treating was my fav.  Growing up I was obsessed with Horror movies, I wanted Pinhead to be my best friend lol!!  I find beauty in creepy and dark.  Gothic clothing and décor is just beautiful.  Going deeper, I find that what’s underneath or darker is always more interesting.  I see skulls representing humanity, we all have one, we are all the same underneath, so we should just love each other.  I also never really fitted in anywhere, I was always a bit of an outsider, and I guess I find alternative spooky vibes a great art form for expression through my wax.  I have never been mainstream in anything and wanted to show that disability and illness can also be spooky and fun instead of clinical and boring.

  • What about the materials that you use: what kind of wax do you use?

All candles are 100% Soy, UK produced.  I also like working with beeswax which has healing properties and I only use the beeswax from a local supplier who is cruelty free.  Beeswax is great for holding shape, but I use soy for the vegan option as beeswax can also be very expensive for the high quality cruelty free one.  Currently I use 99% soy in the meltys and 1% fully refined paraffin wax.  Contrary to popular belief our paraffin is toxin free as its fully refined and is cosmetic, food and medical grade.  It helps to hold the moulded shapes I make.

  • And do you use essential oils?

We sometimes use essential oils, but I tend to have a lot of allergies to pure essential oils, this is because they are not really controlled ingredients and can vary in levels of what you get. Also musk essential oils are not vegan, so we use fragrance oils.  Our oils are UK sourced and very high quality.  They are tested to EU standards regularly and are cruelty free, vegan friendly and paraben free!!  W e also adhere to UK and EU laws when labelling our products. A lot of fragrance oils are also blended with essential oils, but we are careful that our musks are vegan friendly.  Our ingredients all cost a little more but ensures the quality which we will not hold back on.  This is obvious when you receive them.  These are not just wax melts, they are art.

  • Your pieces all have colours that stand out, what kind of colouring do you use?

We use high quality candle dye and natural mica powders.  We use higher levels to ensure the colouring is right for what I am trying to achieve within a certain design.  I love strong vibrant colours, but again it all depends on my vision and what collection it is.

  • What do you think makes Bubbas Meltys stand out from other brands?

Heart and soul!!  I put everything into my brand, they are literally my art, my creative outlet to cope with living with chronic illness and disability.  They literally calm my anxiety as I make them and they have allowed me a way to connect with other people who suffer so we can see we are not alone.  My brand is genuinely wanting to connect with others and folks do connect with the meaning and can clearly see the quality in the product.  I am a bit of a spokesperson now for living with chronic illness and I wanted to do something with my life that meant something and helped others and I feel like that my brand is doing just that.  Art you can melt and fragrance your room with and connect with a community.  You are not alone.  Sometimes they are a bit cheeky or edgy because so are people with illness, we do have a sense of humour lol.

  • Do you accept custom orders or just customization of existing designs?

I try to honour whatever someone wants.  I have created complete custom orders and also have altered current collections if someone wanted to change scent or colour etc.  I love doing custom items but sometimes have to turn it down when demand is so high, or at least delay until I have some more free time.  Customs are usually very popular for birthday gifts.  Plus its fun from a creative point of view.  I love the challenge.

  • What is your own personal favourite design?

The bleeding skulls are my favs.  They are inspired by invisible illness, what appears to look normal, may not always be. They look like a normal white skull, but when they melt they bleed another colour from underneath.   Its easy to judge someone on the outer look, but we have no idea what someone is going through inside.  It also highlights how often those of us with an invisible illness are judged so quickly.  I want to get folks to take a minute before they judge someone and think more positively instead of thinking the worst of someone.  Can you imagine the world we live in if everyone thought the best of each other?

  • What’s the biggest challenge in your work?

Managing my time.  I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I have to manage everything I do as I have limited energy every day.  I get sore and tired as the day goes on.  I don’t want to disappoint anyone so I do push myself, but I have learned how to manage it and have a great team to help me when im not doing good.  Plus my customers are the best and are super patient.  Dealing with the haters is a real struggle for me too.  I always have struggles with bullying and surprisingly it happens in the wax world too!!  But I do have strength from my customers and my family.  I even made a collection called rise above to fight back at the hate!!

  • What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?

A My customers and followers are literally it!!  I pinch myself still when someone orders and loves my meltys.  Its so amazing to know that something I created means so much to other people.  My customers and followers message me all the time and I always make an effort to read all messages and reply.  There has been a few people tell me that they were close to darkness, not in a good place at all, but then they came across my insta and saw that I was reaching out with my art.  They saw that I genuinely want to connect and make friends.  I truly want people to see that being ill is not the end.  We are many and are here for each other.  To have someone take the time to message me and tell me that they were having the worst day ever until they received their melty order and felt the love and hugs from me through them, then I feel like ive done my job.  I want people to see they are not alone.  That’s the best feeling ever to know that in my small way, I have helped someone feel less alone.  I can honestly say I have made some great friends since starting my brand too.  Plus im showing my son that no matter what happens, there is always another way.

  • Do you have some other passions besides your beautiful creations, any hobbies you really enjoy and can not live without?

I love dogs, I used to love walking miles with my dog, but sadly cannot do that anymore….my melting is my hobby, I love it and melt every day, creating new ideas.   Making wax melts and candles has always been my hobby and  now it is my business.  I also love horror movies and reading scary books.  Spending time with my son and partner and family and friends and catching the odd rock gig.  Sadly my illness does limit me but I try to be creative as much as I can and am experimenting with other creative outlets like writing and even Youtube!!

  • Can you name 3 things you just can’t live without?

My family including my dogs and friends, chocolate and spooky home décor lol

  • And about the future, what are your biggest goals in life, what more would you like to conquer?

I would love to eventually have my brand known as a brand that is not afraid to employ people with chronic illness, mental illness and disability.  I have faced employment discrimination, so I never want to do that to others.  I would love to try stem cell injections in my knees too.  But its so expensive so will have to see, plus it might not work.  Im excited to watch my son grow too, hes obsessed with the piano and space so who knows what he will do.  I always said there is a book in me, maybe one day I will write it.

Sadly, we have reached the end of this interview and I would like to thank you for taking the time to chat, I know how busy you are . I also know you have a very important message to pass to the world so I can not end this interview without asking you to please leave a message to fans and fallowers?

Its been amazing thank you so much, loved the questions and your support is amazing. Its so easy nowadays to get caught up in the superficial layer of life, but I want to show folks that we are humans, we have many layers,  we need to take a little more time to look deeper and see the real parts of us, not just what is shown on the surface.  Take a little more time to try it with others.  Humans can be so amazing, imagine if we all decided  kindness was the way forward??   I also want to see less ignorance toward chronic illness, mental illness and disability.  Who knows what my brand will achieve with that in the future.  Awareness leads to knowledge which leads to understanding which leads to empathy. In the meantime, take the time to relax and melt, allow yourself the time to truly smell the scents you are melting and let your mind wonder, let the stresses of the world melt away for those few minutes.  Please note YOU ARE NOT ALONE….

Lots of Love

Bubba xx

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