Gotikatur set to illustrate Children’s Book about WGT Festival

“Wir Kellerkinder” is a book for children and adults alike and is about the gothic scene in general and the Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival in particular. The beautifully illustrated book will capture the characters, diversity, and colorfulness of the goth scene and is a charming alternative to mainstream children’s books.

The bilingual book will be a large format “wimmelbook” suitable for children aged 3 to 100 with thick pages crammed with characterful illustrations depicting people, bands, events, regulars, and celebrities.

All the illustrations will be lovingly crafted by german graphic designer and caricature artist Jan-Erik Mendel famously known as Gotikatur who’s work already includes many well-known personalities from the goth and post-punk scene.

“We want to show that it’s okay to be different and that being different doesn’t mean that people are better or worse than others. This book is for people who love the gothic scene and the WGT and who have kids or are still kids at heart themselves. There’s even the chance for people, families, and friends to appear as characters in the book.” – Christian Schaefer, Founder

The book is Not for Profit and will be launching as a Kickstarter campaign soon. Subscribers to the “Wir Kellerkinder” newsletter ( will be notified first and can get up to 25% off as well as the opportunity to become an illustrated character in the scene of their choice.

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