1 – How would you describe yourself?

I am a young woman of 25 years old, I am a dreamer and a romantic person, my family and
close friends are very important to me, and I love animals!
I am motivated, I always want to progress in my projects until I reach my objectives.

2 -When and how did you start modeling, specially Alternative/goth modeling?

I started the photo by chance, I have a friend who knew a photographer and put me in contact
with him.
I did not plan to be a model at all, I considered it a therapy to help me gain self-confidence.

3-Do you feel connected to the alternative community in your country and would you tell us a bit more about it?

Not really, I have very few gothic friends and I do not know anyone in my city. It does not
bother me, but it’s true that I would have liked to meet many gothic people.

4 – Can you tell us a bit of the story behind the modeling name “Anomaly”?

This nickname comes from my childhood, I was harassed and mocked every day by the other children of my establishment for 6 years (I don’t know why), I felt more mature than them and not comfortable so I had the impression that I was not someone of normal, my pseudo came of that.
I was very unhappy and my childhood was difficult because of that, fortunately my family supported me.
Now my difference is a force! Without all these hardships I may not be a model or store
manager today, but it was difficult.

5 – How did “Blue Raven” came to life ?

I decided to stop my studies after high school because I did not know what job to do, I was lost. A few months later I decided to open my own business because I have always loved managing, organizing and of course the Gothic style.
I thought there was a lack of gothic shops in France because I like the chic Gothic style but not the hardcore and provocative side.
I wanted to be my own boss and create something new, Blue Raven was born at that time. The name of my shop came by chance, I could not decide, I wanted something easy to remember
without doing too “gothic”.

6 – Does being also a photographer and stylist influence you as a model, if so how?
Yes of course, in the choice of my outfits for example because I wear most of the clothes that I sell on my shop.
I’m really trying to connect all my activities.

7 – In a world of alternative modeling, every model is her own brand. What makes you stand out?

It’s a difficult question, my followers would be better able to answer it, I think.
I try to stay simple, I do not try to play a role.
I’m far from being an exemplary model but I do not care, I'm happy, I do what I like.
Many models do not hesitate to make nude pictures, I respect that but I never wanted to do it and I want to show that we do not need to undress to succeed as a model.
Less seriously, my pink hair seems to be a good distinction!

8 – You do many different types of photoshoots, do you have a favorite genre of photography?

Gothic style of course, but I really like fantasy, I need to change styles often.

9- Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out?

I want to make more artistic photos to have fun in the editing, with a gothic wedding dress in particular! I am always open for collabs with stylists.

10 – Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have someone that you look up to?

I find inspiration on facebook pages like yours but also in my imagination. I admire several gothic models such as Daedra, Absentia or Blue Astrid, they are real sources of inspiration.

11 – What do you consider to be your biggest career highlights so far?

I just reach the 40,000 followers on my Instagram page, I never imagine having so many followers!
Working with a designer is always a great moment for me because I consider it a chance to wear such beautiful outfits. Recently I wore a corset by Lyris Design, it was a wonderful time!

12 – What can we expect from you in the future? What are your biggest goals in life?

I want to develop my online store blue-raven,com as a priority because it’s what allows me to live, my only job.
I hope one day to open a shop in my city!
I also hope to evolve in my work as a model and photographer, to create more artistic worlds working with some stylists because currently I'm not totally satisfied with my work, I do a lot of simple photos to represent the Gothic brands or my shop but I do not I do not feel as fulfilled
as when I do a real artistic work.

13 – Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without?

I love horse riding even if I have to wait before I can buy a horse, it's my dream! I love animals
in general, I have a rat and two cats and I love them!

14 – Name three things you simply cannot go without every single day.

My boyfriend, my computer, a good meal.

15 – You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?
I often wear classic clothes and also black clothe but not especially gothics, I like comfort. I’m having fun with gothic outfits for my photos or at parties!

16 – Well, I don’t wanting to abuse your time, just one last question; You have many fans out there . What message would you like leave for them?

I wish to thank all those who support me since the beginning in 2013, from the bottom of my
heart thank you!
I have very respectful followers, always nice messages and comments under my photos, I am very lucky!

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