6 Ouija Mistakes That Will Lead To Danger

Hello and welcome! Today, I will save you from danger and show you the 10 mistakes to avoid while playing the Ouija game. After that, I’m going to share with you how you can use the Ouija board the right way, so this article is going to be a little do’s and don’ts lesson. Before we dive in make sure you read everything to get the best but also the safest experience
in the spirit game.

1. Playing alone

Do not use the Ouija board alone. It’s best to be with at least 3 people, you can be 2 but 3 is the most recommended. If you play alone you’re attracting more negative spirits and that could lead to so much danger. So again, 3 people are good, and one should be the leader in the spirit game.

2. Being rude to the spirit

Being rude to the spirit is a common mistake that almost everyone makes. This includes asking rude questions or confusing the spirit. So be careful because only this mistake can even
lead to death. So do not be rude and ask questions like “are you ugly?” also don’t confuse the
spirit with questions like “how did I die?” or “how do I speak?” so please don’t do this. You should also have only one of you asking the questions, one of you has to be the leader in the game. If you are 3 players playing the game and all of them ask questions there is more likely that the spirit is going to go away.

3. Playing Ouija in your home

Do not play the Ouija board in your home. Especially not in your room because that can cause horrifying nightmares and sleeping problems. The most creepy feeling about this is that you’ll start to feel someone is watching you while you sleep. So play in a safe place like in the yard or even outside.

4. Saving the board after playing

Another danger is to save the Ouija board after you’ve played. This can cause paranormal things in your own home. The safest thing to do after playing is to destroy it. Destroy the board, don’t go out there and buy an Ouija board for $50 or $100 making your own ouija with paper will be enough.

5. Not closing the game

Not closing the game is one of the most common mistakes people make. Burning or destroying the board will not be enough. If you feel that the game has scared the hell out of you don’t just walk away and say “I’m not playing anymore” you have to fully close the game. One good example is after you’re done playing you can ask spirit-ending questions like “can we end the game” or “can we say goodbye” this is so important.

6. Playing when you have mental illness

A big warning! If you struggle with depression/anxiety or has issues with addiction then you should never ever use the Ouija board because spirits can smell that and they will use it against you and they will also have a much easier time of possessing you.

Thank you for reading this whole article. If you’ve learned something from it then we would appreciate it if you would share this with other people so we can reach out and save as many people as we can from danger.

Written By AlphaSkull

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