Credits: Model & Outfit: La Esmeralda, Photographer: Silver Pearl Photography, Wig: Black Candy Fashion, Jewelry: VonUebel Design, Assistance: Aurelia Isabella
Credits: Model & Outfit: La Esmeralda, Photographer: Silver Pearl Photography, Wig: Black Candy Fashion, Jewelry: VonUebel Design, Assistance: Aurelia Isabella


Interview with La Esmeralda as seen on Gothic and Amazing Magazine issue #5 (Old Collection) – Fairy Goths

La Esmeralda is an amazing alternative model from the north of Germany, with great work all over the world, she works to the best brands and with the great artists showing her passion for Fairy tales, Fantasy, Gothic, Burlesque. Her pictures are all over the internet as she became a icon in Goth and fantasy pictures.  Her work is featured in magazines all over the world and her presence is noticed in the best Goth events.

1.  How would you describe yourself?
I am a very creative workaholic with a big passion for gothic, fantasy, cosplay, super heroes, burlesque and pinup things and I am always working on new projects. I love beautiful and aesthetic clothes and really enjoy making them myself. Modeling / photography is a really big part of my life and I think I couldn’t live without it. Next to that I love spending time with my friends and have a big heart for animals, especially for my bunnies that I could cuddle all day long. Also, I am a perfectionist, a realist, a very honest and reliable person, vegetarian, quite sarcastic but always very relaxed and try to find time for almost anyone – even though I have way too little of it as I always work too much!

2. Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?
I started in 2009. I had always loved to take pictures with my friends and one day I made an account at, a german modeling site – the next day was the day of my first “real” photo shoot and I soon got motivated to do many more. I soon started working with professionals and even though I never expected to come this far it is amazing that this is my job these days.

3. What draws you to Alternative modeling?
It is a form of art for me – my way to express myself, my dreams, nightmares and dive into other fantasy worlds. I really enjoy dressing up, meeting wonderful people and shooting in amazing locations.

4. About your modeling name, how did La Esmeralda come to life?
It doesn’t have any deeper meaning to me, Esmeralda was just the name that I always used for my video game characters and similar stuff. When I wanted to create an account at deviantArt Esmeralda was already chosen by someone else so I put the „La“ in front of it… and then I kept this name as I had no better idea. Today I think that it was a pretty good choice as many people always compared me to this character anyway.

5. Do you remember what your first photo-shoot was like? Tell us a little about it!
Well… the first photographer told me I was too short and to fat to ever become a successful model and also I would have to do nudes to become famous. I am 1,64m and my weight is 58kg – and luckily I did not believe in what he told me and just kept doing what I loved. The photos he did were nice though and I am glad that this experience did not bring me down but motivated me to work harder and show him “yes I can”.

6. How much have you changed since you first started modelling?
Good question. Things I definitely learned are for example to feel confident with my own body – the first photographer was of course not so nice and made me think I really was too fat but in the following years I really accepted my figure and understood that I got many jobs exactly because of my figure. Also, I still am quite a shy person who prefers to sew dresses and cuddle bunnies than talking to people I don’t know – but I definitely got more self-confident! And I also learned that many people ask you for “honest critique” but only want to hear positivity and how awesome they are. This is the part that I had to learn the hard way, haha!

7. You rock some amazing outfits in your modelling photos and play so many different roles. You go from Victorian to bridal, vampire, latex… What makes you fall in love with a project and makes you say yes to a photo-shoot?
Well, first of all: one can always book me for shoots of course, no matter what wardrobe or theme it is. There are a few things that I don’t do – classic lingerie or nude shoots, for example, and I am also not so much into fetish things. I am always very excited about new requests and only had to decline very few because I had the feeling that the style of the photos was not right for me, because that photographer really wanted me to try nude shoots or because I was not satisfied with the quality, for example. (I do shoot with beginners, too, but not if their work looks like taken by a mobile phone^^)

If it comes to free projects I only work with a hand full of people that I have been working with before and can call my friends. In their case I definitely know that the results will usually be even better like I imagine them.

Most of the stylings are completely done by myself and if one books me for a shoot I usually provide clothes that I either sew or get after being in contact with designers. Sometimes I also search for the right location and on top of that I have my own little photo studio. So all this makes it really easy to fall in love with a project – most ideas / concepts are my own. But if a photographer has an amazing location or a designer wants to send me a beautiful dress / corset that is of course always super awesome and I love these projects a lot. I always feel so honored when a photographer books a whole castle only for our shoot and makes me feel like a real-life princess!

0. What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
Last year I was invited to America and Italy for Father Sebastiaan’s vampire balls. That was really amazing and is not something that happens every day! I also had a couple of photo shoots with photographer that I had admired for years – when these people ask you to come over for a shoot it really is a dream come true and I was really glad that my hard work paid off.

11. You are not just a model, you do your own make up, hair, costumes, styling and sometimes even your own pictures , where do you go for inspiration for all that?
I am not sure about that, I guess there are a million things that inspire me. Often I see an outfit or accessoire and a story starts to grow in my mind – but it can also be just the other way round. Also, I find inspiration in dreams and nightmares, music, movies, comics and videogames, things that I see when I walk through the city – and of course many amazingly talented models, designers and photographers or other artists. I love watching artworks and sometimes I think about the story of a photo and what else one could do with it.

12. Do still have a concept for a photo- shoot, that you’ve never done but you really want to try out?
A lot of them! Actually I have several books for photo ideas. I get new ideas all the time and always try to write them down immediately, so I always have a A5 book in my bag.

13. What do you do when you aren’t modelling, do you have any hobby that you can’t live without?
My bunnies are a big part of my life, as well as my friends. I need to be creative – before I started modeling I used to draw a lot, but I found out that I am better with modeling than with drawing. Sewing and creating are also really big parts of my life. I can never stand still and am always working on something!

14. You‘re still young so what’s your biggest goal in life?
Hm. That is a difficult question, I never really thought about it. I guess I will just wait and see what happens!

15. What’s it like to be a famous model and an inspiration to others?
Actually, I feel like I am an all normal person – who is actually sitting here with messy hair, no makeup on, wearing jogging pants and a pokemon shirt while writing this interview and I don’t think that there is anything special about me. It is just insane and amazing how many people like my work and I really, really appreciate all the nice feedback I get. And it makes me very happy and I feel honored that so many people are inspired by what I do!

16. Do you have any tips for new models that find you inspiring?
Do what you love and don’t let other people tell you how to be or what to look like. Advice is always good but the fact that some people think that you might be too short or not thin enough to be a model doesn’t mean you are! If you want to be a model you just need to work for it and have the passion to work for your dreams . If it doesn’t work the way you planned try another way – but never give up!

Very important: Don’t do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. If you want to do nudes, for example, do them! But NEVER do it just because a guy with an expensive camera tells you this would make you famous.

17. So to end this interview: What would be the message you would like to leave with fans?
Thanks so much to everyone who follows and supports my work! It really means a lot to me. Always remember: work for your dreams and you can make all of them come true! If things don’t work out the way you planned just try another way – as long as it makes you happy, do what you love. That is what I did and what made me go where I am today and I am so happy and grateful that you guys like what I am doing.

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