German Fashion designer creating extravagant fashion

Lucardis Feist is an amazing German Fashion designer.  Creating extravagant fashion, especially wedding gowns, was once a childhood dream that came true and now it’s known worldwide.

Many people around the world visit her Design-Atelier in the north of Germany to get a taste of magic that can make  their fairy tale day unique and unforgettable.

Don’t lose the chance to meet this amazing lady and her work in this exclusive interview and you may end up getting a few ideas for your own special day.

1. How and when did you start out in fashion design and bridal wear?
I started 10 years ago as a little girl with many ambitions and dreams in her heart.

2. How would you describe your style as a designer and what do you try to portray through your designs?
The designs are inspired by wild romantic dreams with a pirate and rock-attitude. The fashion should be like a mirror for our childhood dreams. Wedding Fashion is a private part of fashion. Every bride and every groom like to tell something special on their wedding day.

But we all know:  Life isn’t  always easy and how beautiful it is to create a special gown or frock coat that can be a part of a beautiful  wedding story. Every woman and every man is special with their own story. It is a privilege to take some material and make the dream in  real life.

Lucardis Feist Fashion have the intention to be a small powerful force, a memorial to the happiness and strength within us.

3. What’s the best part of your job?
Being creative. But it’s still a small part of a much larger job than people think. We attend many fashion shows and exhibitions, work for customers and make quality checks. But there a some precious moments, like when I’m on my bike, out in the woods and begin to dream. Then I have the power to start with new styles to make people happy.

4. What do you think makes Feist Style stand out from other brands?
We have a timeless look. No trends and not historic. The attitude is cool and modern. Our material mixes and patchworks are really special with recognisable style… I hope, haha. The message behind the fashion is the second secret: You can’t make fashion from the heart, if  you have your passion and heart hidden from the working process.

5.What inspired you to design wedding dresses?
We have inspiration all around us. My styles are inspired by nature, poets and great minds of the past. For me music is inspiration, and literature. William Shakespeare meets Jack Sparrow and a Rock’n Roll Attitude: That’s Feist Style in its quintessence.

6. Do you have a favorite cut or shape?
Yes we prefer 2-Part gowns and styles you can mix and match. No bride, no singer, actor or groom must take it like the other. It’s important for us through the creation process that the styles looks good on people of all sizes too.

For example, our frock coats have intensive collars and colour statements. But the cut must be individual. We have longer frock coats for men and if they aren’t 1,80m they must be more cut out in front.

The cut must be individual because humans are individual.

7. What about fabrics, which ones do you prefer to work with?
We love the bridal basics: Lace, Satin and Tafeta. But we have some Plaid and Tartan materials and our working key is: Brocade and Jacquard.

8. You also have options for grooms suits, is it easier to dress men?
We make special stage outfits and frocks for grooms. Some men are a little bit easier than their bride but for us it is the same work if they’re an actor or a singer, a lady or a gentlemen: We take the time to hear something about the special dream. Every human needs individual time, and that is okay.

9. If you could describe the brides and grooms you see wearing your designs in three words, what would they be?
Individuals with heart

10. What tips would you give to brides and grooms when they first come in for a fitting?
Most people travel to our atelier two times. If they are from another country one time or they order online. Both are possible, but the best way is to make the crazy journey to us and feel the clothing directly on your skin. Time to see and you know, if you are in love with your own style. My tip is to listen to your heart and be open for a fashion adventure.

11. How much of your own opinion and advise do you give to them at the fitting, or do you try to remain impartial?
It isn’t the opinion of my team and me to take our taste. It’s important to hear their dream:

If you have a dream of a “Steampunk Wedding”, “Rockabilly Bride”, “Black Wild Wedding” then please tell us your dreams and together we’ll work to create your  own dynamic for your love story.

12. From all your amazing and unique designs can you pick a favorite?
I am a fan of red gowns. The red gowns in our collections are my favorite. Red is so full of passion, the colour of fire and power. And one style of the black and white gowns i made for my husband and me. It is the “Light and Shadow” only in Combination of lady and gentlemen. It tells you a story that we all have two sides: A dark side and a bright side. Our life is not pink . Light and shadow alternate.

13. If you could dress anyone for their wedding, who would it be?
Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Robert Downy Junior, I like people with a strong and crazy attitude.

But also Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They are the most beautiful couple in the world to me, I like her social engagement. I think Brad and Angelina wouldn’t like  our style, but that’s okay. Not everyone has to like our style. tolerance is part of the embassy of Lucardis Feist.

14. What advice would you give to future brides and grooms to make their fairytale day come true?
Don’t forget your own dream. It is not interesting what our mother would wear. You can love her but too many people make the dreams for others come true through their own wedding. Feist Style Couples have their own way, their own message. If you are married in a castle with a big party or alone, at sea or in a lighthouse at the ocean edge. Choose it your way! Your music should be there. And your love. That’s all.

15. You have been an inspiration to many people from designer to models and photographer but do you have an idol someone or something that inspires your work?
My idols are not other designer. I respect every work but in my heart I am in love with Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Charlie Chaplin and all people with a message of love for this world. It is not our task to simply express ourselves. All of us as individuals should have the intention to make the world a little bit better . Every human being can. If not, all is just consumption. That’s boring and not interesting for passionate hearts.

16. What’s next for Feist Style, what are your main goals for your brand in the future?
We have large success here in Germany. We never dreamed that many artists not only from gothic scene (many are from mainstream) visit us here for stage outfits. We’ve had some TV-Reports about our fashion and the idea behind it here in Germany. We hope we can find new friends in other countries and like to bring our “Rocking Heart-wear” to you.

17. Finally, tell us a style secret that can make weddings look unique and magic (we promise we won’t tell.)
Dear friend, I am not sure there is any secret. I dreamt about Feist Style since I was a little girl and work on it every day. If I see a film, if a ride my bike, if I dance in a club. There is no secret. People shouldn’t do anything other than what they choose.

The only secret is: Never be afraid to mix a style in your personality. Think about your own message. What is the intention behind a style? A Gown without a heart is nothing. The magic is in you.

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