Cover credits: Model: Sandra Veličanstvena
Cover credits: Model: Sandra Veličanstvena


Photographer based in Croatia
Model: Obsidian Kerttu
Model: Obsidian Kerttu
Models: Sandra Veličanstvena & Obsidian Kerttu
Models: Sandra Veličanstvena & Obsidian Kerttu
Model: Obsidian Kerttu, Dress:, Circlet: Tesla Coil Laboratory, Lenses: SPECIALLENS
Model: Obsidian Kerttu, Dress:, Circlet: Tesla Coil Laboratory, Lenses: SPECIALLENS
Model: Obsidian Kerttu, Top, skirt and choker: Sinister
Model: Obsidian Kerttu, Top, skirt and choker: Sinister
Model: Lady Macbeth, Dress: Banned, Accessories: Gothic Doll accessorize
Model: Lady Macbeth, Dress: Banned, Accessories: Gothic Doll accessorize

If all the photographers are wonder makers, then she can make true miracles using only her talent, camera and natural light. Martina Špoljarić is young Croatian photographer whose work makes you feel like it’s from world of fantasy. The way she uses light is inexplicably wonderful. She creates amazing dark atmosphere and mind-blowing photos of the people and nature. If you want to know more about this lovely photographer and her work, just keep reading!

1. When did photography become your love and passion?
When I was around 18 years old, before that I was very fanatic about drawing with pencil, mostly manga style.
2. I mentioned that your work is simply outstanding, so can you tell us the secret of your perfect photos? How do you create such magical, almost unrealistic colors?
Sometimes is all about light and nature’s colors with a touch of photo-shop, in many cases there is some amount of photo-shop increasing colors or changing them, playing with shadows and light which are already on the photo, but I like to highlight them to make that atmosphere more vibrant.

3. Which is your favorite type of photo-shoot?
Fantasy/themed/dark. Those are only things I like to shoot, with alt models and other girls who are interested in themed photos and costumes. Many of them find it very fun. So I would say, portrait and fine art photography.

4. Do you remember your very first shooting and model and can you share some interesting details from that day?
Wow, I am not sure to be honest, it was a long time ago, but I remember some interesting people I used to hang out with. Photoshoots were with same thematic, goth/cyber/fantasy and so on.

Model: Sandra Velicanstvena
Model: Sandra Velicanstvena

5. What is your biggest inspiration for all your ideas and concepts?
Some ideas are even from high school days, some ideas just pop up in my head. Sometimes some places inspire me, or some piece of clothing, history and alternative styles, nature and its beauty.

6. Do you have your favorite photographer and what made you choose him/her?
There are few abroad photographers I like, mostly Russian I would say, they are geniuses. I like them because they make some great fine art photos, with atmosphere and story. I’m a big fan of that kind of photography.

7. What do you do beside the photography? Do you have some hobbies?
I go to regular everyday work, but at the moment I am unemployed. Photography is my only hobby for now.

8. Did you ever won a photo-competitions or received an award for your photos?
I never, ever did something like that actually, never participated in competitions or had my photos hanged in some gallery. But I am thinking of that.

9. What is, in your opinion, the biggest compliment and respect that photographer could receive?
When people see the whole picture, atmosphere, not just pretty model. All the effort you put in photos. When they can feel atmosphere and story in it. I like that kind of comments on my photos.
10. What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
I don’t have a career, just a hobby I love so much.

11. Can you tell us something about your personal life? Who is Martina when she isn’t photographer?
Martina likes cats, a lot! Owner of two furry beasts and cutest dog ever. Engaged and mother to be, I still can’t picture me as a wife and mom. In love with Japanese culture since I was little kid, I used to know some basics and Japanese letter. Also, vintage is my passion, styles from 20’s to early 60’s, music, hair, dance, old-timers and so on. Making vintage hairstyles is one of my passions, really enjoy doing that.

12. How much have you and your life changed since you first started working as a photographer?
As I said, I don’t work as a photographer, I enjoy it. But there were some positive changes last year, there were some paid photo shoots, but mostly I like it as it is. I improved myself as a photographer, did many photo shoots and there are more to come.

13. Can you share some photographer wisdom and advices for people who also love photography and consider starting with their career in that type of art?
Give the best of you, learn everyday something new and improve your own style, Maybe you find inspiration in everyday life, dreams or people. If you are thinking of a career, job as a photographer, I could use some help here (laughs!)

It’s hard, seriously, there are so many great photographers who are already well known. Sometimes being different and creative isn’t enough. I think it’s all about promoting yourself, online or at some photo galleries.
14. How do you feel when you see your work posted on our Facebook page and other similar pages?
I am very happy for that, so many shares all over the internet.

15. Do you have some special plans for shooting in future that you would maybe like to reveal in this interview or just give us a hint?
Yes, this weekend, indoors historical costume shooting, next month historical/fantasy shooting, vintage girl and bunnies and so on. There are many to come.

16. I was super excited for doing this interview with you, but (unfortunately) everything has it’s end, just like this lovely chatting with you, so for the closure, what would you like to say as a Good bye to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you for supporting me and following my work, it’s nice to have people who admire your work.

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