Interview with Hanny Honeymoon Photography

Fantasy photographer from Germany
Model: Fairyworld, Clothing and Accessories: Jumeria Creations
Model: Fairyworld, Clothing and Accessories: Jumeria Creations
Model & MUA: La Esmeralda, Headdress: Jumeria Creations
Model & MUA: La Esmeralda, Headdress: Jumeria Creations
Model: June Kanamea
Model: June Kanamea
Model: Alien Painkiller, Headdress: Jumeria Creations, Dress: Johanna Macht
Model: Alien Painkiller, Headdress: Jumeria Creations, Dress: Johanna Macht
Model: Ksenia Pinkabsinthe Mikhaylova, Headpiece: Jumeria Creations
Model: Ksenia Pinkabsinthe Mikhaylova, Headpiece: Jumeria Creations

Hanny Honeymoon is an amazing creative soul from Germany, you must know her from her great fantasy pictures but she is a lot more then a photographer , so just take a few minutes a get to know her better.

1. How would you describe yourself ?
I would say, that i live in my own world. I´m always daydreaming and lost in stories. When i meet new people, I’m more introverted and need a few minutes till i feel comfortable. After that i totally change into a “too much talking and hyperactive happy person”. The people call me a “pixel peeper” which describes me very well. I work extremely long if needed, just to get everything in range like I want.

2. Tell us a bit the story about your artistic name Hanny Honeymoon?
I got called Hanny since i was in school. When i started to upload drawings and photography on the internet, I didn´t wanted to use my real name (wich sounds really german and not so much fantasy like my art) I needed a backname and Honeymoon describes a “Honigmond” in German. It is a honey-yellowish moon. When the moon comes really close to the earth it is so big and yellow like in a fantasy. That fits to my pictures and I´m still happy with the name.

3. I know you are a lot more then a photographer you also draw, paint, you even model as well  there is no doubts  that you are an artistic soul,  so I have to ask is photography your favorite?
If you would have asked me a few years ago, when I started photography, I would say “I love drawing more then everything! It shows the creativity and stories inside my head at it´s best!” Now, 2 years later, I can design really similar pictures with the help of extremely talented designers and models. My skills in post process increase more and more and  I don´t look after my aquarell-paint anymore. So yes, now photography is my main hobby. Even when i still say to the people that I´m not a photographer. I´m more an artist.

4. Why alternative and fantasy photography?
Photography was always just another way for me to “draw” my fantasy. So I keep it  doing like I painted. I have so much love for this style that I can´t do something else.  Normal people photography, for example, would be to boring for me.

Model & MUA: Missy Queen, Headdress: Jumeria Creations, Dress: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry, Assistant: Jumeria Nox
Model & MUA: Missy Queen, Headdress: Jumeria Creations, Dress: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry, Assistant: Jumeria Nox
Model: Aurelia Isabella
Model: Aurelia Isabella

5. Do you think that your experience as a model helps on your photography in anyway?
Not much I guess. As a model you never know what the photographer sees and what he´s actually doing. You can just help out the other models to express an emotion like you want it to be or by doing a pose like you learned already yourself. What really helped me was learning makeup on my own. So I can always style my own models and don’t have to search for somebody who can do it. And it´s less time consuming regarding to get what I really want and don´t have to explain everything.

6. What is for you a perfect photo?
When it shows a deep touching expression and when its sharp! yes there is the pixel peeper again. But expression and mood is really important. When you have that plus a technical good base it´s just perfect.

7.  And what about the all after shoot work all the editing do you enjoy doing that as well?
Yes! I love doing it and I guess this is my strongest ability. It´s like painting, swirling around with different colors and designing it like I want. Everything I learned the past years about colortheory, makeup and anatomy pays more now than ever.

8. You make picture that look out of this world our even out of a dream, were do you get your inspiration from?
I can´t really say. I was always dreaming about other worlds and strong colors. I don’t get much inspiration from other pictures. I like much of them but its never what I want to do. I guess  most of my  inspiration I get from reading books. (as boring as it may sounds). Fantasy stories which you have to show in your own head and not on tv (where somebody made it already) makes your brain working on an high creative level. From there you start to spin more and more your own stories and characters.
9. Do you have a favorite picture our photo-session, one that left you with good memories for some reason?

Almost all of my sessions leave me with good and unique memories. Every time I meet new and absolutely nice people! They help me create what I want and I´m more than happy after every shoot!

10. Do you have time left for hobby, what is your favorite thing to do when your not shooting our drawing?
Photographing is my hobby. Haha. When I´m not shooting or working on pictures I’m mostly working (I have a fulltime job at a big hospital in section virology) or up to meet my close friends. We craft together new stuff for future shootings or eat an endless amount of cake.  
I like to play videogames also.

11. That sure sounds fun … Do you have an idol or someone you look up to?
In photography I don´t have an idol. I do pretty much my own thing and the only person I look up to is my mom! She is the strongest person I know and she always pushed me to helped to  reach my goals.
12. You work with so many great models and I bet so many more want to work with you so tell us the secret, what is the thing that makes you say yes?
The type of models have to fit in my portfolio and in the project I´m working on. I get much requests and when one of them fits in one of my ideas, I´ll take them.
13. As a fan myself i can wait to see what’s next  so what more can we expect to see from you in the future, what are your main goals?
To improve more in light settings and make even bigger decorated stories. If I get a picture in an extremely big print hanging on an exhibition, that would be awesome!
14. Well i know how busy you are so not to abuse your time just one last question: What message would you like to leave to all your fans out there?
I hope you feel what I feel when you look at my pictures. I want to give you a hint of my fantasy and what is going on in my head

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