Cover credits: Photo by Jamie Mahon Photography & Design
Cover credits: Photo by Jamie Mahon Photography & Design


The Gothic Fashion Icon from London
Photography: Lillian Liu Photography, Headdress: Hysteria Machine
Photography: Lillian Liu Photography, Headdress: Hysteria Machine
Necklace by Alchemy Gothic, Corset by Corset-Story
Photographer: Taya Uddin Photography, Jewellery: Prong
Photographer: Taya Uddin Photography, Jewellery: Prong
Photo: Ethiriel, Clothes: The Gothic Shop
Photo: Ethiriel, Clothes: The Gothic Shop
Photo: Marija Buljeta Photography, Dress : Sinister for The Gothic Shop
Photo: Marija Buljeta Photography, Dress : Sinister for The Gothic Shop

Lady Amaranth is an amazing and beautiful goth model from London, UK , her work is well known by many she’s became a Goth icon for goth fashion but even with all her work she toke the time to give us this interview showing all how Goth can really mean Amazing.

1. How would you describe yourself?
As a little girl trapped in a woman’s body forced to live in a world that makes very little sense to her.

2. How did modeling came into your life?
By chance really. I never considered myself to be “model material” (and still debate that fact but enjoyed adorning myself with all the beauty of the gothic and fantasy realms. A great photographer from America spotted some snaps of me and asked if she could take my picture when she was over in London. Her work was amazing so I couldn’t refuse. It was quite strange being the sole focus of a room full of  people and having “act naturally”, but after seeing the results and being asked by my designer friends to model for them, I eventually got the hang of it and now love the stories I can create through this medium.

3. Why Alternative modeling , do you feel in any way related to Alternative Goth sub-culture ?
Most definitely. I was a Goth long before I even thought of doing photo-shoots. I was a very awkward teenager and never really fitted in. When I was around 16 I discovered Goth (it was very underground in South Africa where I grew up) and that’s when things started to make a little more sense to me and I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I fell in love with the Gothic world, and it was only natural that when I started modelling I would reflect that beauty in my images.

Photography: Viona-Art, Accessories: Hysteria Machine
Photography: Viona-Art, Accessories: Hysteria Machine

4. You are an inspiration to many models, i must say you are an inspiration to me as well because you do represent the amazing and beautiful part of Goth , So where do you get your inspiration from?
I am deeply honoured every time someone says that. There are so many people and things I admire and draw from that it humbles me to think someone may feel the same about me. I get my inspiration from stories, music and art – the fantastical worlds that these artists dream up has always been a source of enlightenment for me. Since being very young I would dream that I was in each painting or movie I saw – now I create the pictures to make it so. Other inspirations I draw from are the scene itself. Going to somewhere like WGT and seeing all the amazingly beautiful goths, they inspire me to no end.

5. You have so many amazing pictures with beautiful dresses and make-ups so Whats your favorite type of photo-shoot ?
I would say it’s one that tells a story. I like my fantasy shoots the most.

6. Tell us a bit about backstage , do you still have fun making the pictures our now its all more serious ?
I must say the process of making photo-shoots is actually quite a painstaking one. I don’t always enjoy it – early mornings, long days, cumbersome clothing. But there is no art without pain, the effort that goes into the shoots from all parties are the reason they turn out the way they do.

7. Why the name Lady Amaranth?
I first read the name “Amaranth” in a short story called “Lady of the Skulls” by Patricia A McKillip. The heroine appealed to me and I was intrigued by the name.

On further research I discovered its meaning – a mythical flower which never fades – and felt it resonated with me and all I try to do through photography – to create an everlasting glimpse of intangible perfection.

8. I must say that the name fits you like a glove then.  You are like a queen in Goth World , you have been published several times you represent some of the best Goth brands , how does that make you feel ?
I always find that sort of thing very strange to hear someone say. At the end of the day, I’m just a girl who loves Goth and likes to create pictures, I never expected a crown. It’s an amazing compliment that people would think I deserve one – but I think they should also look at themselves and recognize that they too are a Queen of their world. No one is really more special than anyone else. Sure, some people are better at certain things, but then there are other things they won’t be good at. And besides no Queen exists without her subjects – it is her subjects that make her.

9. You are also one of the favorite models to photo art work , do you like to see your pictures being used in so many artistic ways ?
Most certainly, I have a collection of photographs that have been approved by some of my photographers which I send out to people for exactly that reason (because as you know copyright exists on all photos and it’s against the law to edit someone’s photo without permission of the photographer). Yes i do know that and its very sad to see pictures being used with no credits to the ones that work on them …

Photography: Jamie Mahon Photography & Design, Headdress: Hysteria Machine
Photography: Jamie Mahon Photography & Design, Headdress: Hysteria Machine

10. I know you are  still young but did you reach most of your goals in life our do you still have more to fight for?
I’m perhaps not as young as you may imagine .

 My main goal in life – which I honestly never thought I’d achieve – was to find someone to complete me, to fall in life with the perfect man. And I married him last year – all other achievements from here on are just a bonus.

11. I guess we are all a bit curious about, how do you dress in your everyday life?
I tend to dress quite basically – a long black skirt and black top. In summer I love maxi dresses and sandals. I like to be comfortable and like to keep my more dressy clothes for special occasions so I can enjoy them more. Plus I think people need to dress for their occasion and environment. Full black makeup, back-combed hair, a corset and crinoline is not exactly appropriate for a trip to the supermarket or family gathering.

12. What would you advice to starting models  that  want to be like you some day?
I would say that’s a difficult question. Because either someone wants to be a model or someone wants to be like me. I’m not a successful model – to be one you need to be much taller and thinner and be far more versatile. If you want to be like me – then I’d say choose you passion and follow it unequivocally. Decide what you believe and value and remain true to it.

13. I Could keep on asking you tones of questions but knowing how busy you are  what would you like  say to all your fans that support you and follow your work?
Thank you – from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love each one of my creations, but without someone to appreciate my art and effort, it is only half a story.

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