Cover credits: Model: Coatie Pop Sooperstar Hair & MUA: Heather Moss
Cover credits: Model: Coatie Pop Sooperstar Hair & MUA: Heather Moss

Interview with Garrett Tally

Posted on March 28, 2014

Garrett Tally is an amazing Photographer from Arkansas USA he has some great work in alternative photography.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m a pretty laid back guy most of the time. I do get excited about my photography though. There are those times when everything comes together perfectly and I get a little worked up, haha. Most of all, I’m never really satisfied with where I’m at. That keeps me pushing and growing as an artist. I’m always eager to try something new and push the boundaries of not only myself but those I work with and the people who see what we create.

2. What draws you to photography?
It is a medium I’ve gotten to know very well and I feel comfortable working in. That allows me to be more creative and try new things. Once that solid base was established years ago, I eventually started trying more and more different things. To me, it allows me to do things that are relatable to people as a realistic image, but I can play within that world to create whatever fantasy or concept we want to as well.

3. What’s your favorite type of photo-shoot?
Well, I can’t settle on just one. I really enjoy the larger shoots where I have several people involved behind the camera. I love the creative collaboration involved with shoots like that. I don’t tend to direct a MUA or stylist much because I like to see what they come up with. When a group of people are working together and clicking and bouncing ideas around it makes for a pretty awesome experience. The other kind of shoot I really love is the more spontaneous kind. Usually just me and a model. Usually a model I’ve worked with before, but not always. We just have a bag full of clothes and props or whatever and we drive or walk around looking for something that catches my eye. No plan whatsoever, let’s just see what happens. You would be amazed how many obscure little corners of the world there are that make for great photos. Add in a model that really knows what she’s doing and I’m a happy fella.

4. You have amazing pictures and yet so many different themes, where do you get your inspiration from?

Honestly, inspiration is all over the place for me. I could get an idea from a show or a movie, a sign I saw driving down the road, day dreaming on the patio, or a few drinks and good conversation with good friends. It can be a bit of a problem sometimes, haha. My mind wanders now and then when I start thinking about ideas for shoots, and I don’t know how many times I’ve had to write something down after waking up from a crazy dream. I guess, to me, once I get my brain tuned in to that kind of thinking I see ideas everywhere.

5. How do you chose a model to work with , our do they chose you?
It’s a bit of both, really. I love meeting new models and working with new people. Sometimes I just really want to work with someone and other times they reach out to me. But once I get to know a model I will come up with a concept specifically for them. Other times I’ll have an idea for a shoot and as much as I would love to shoot with someone, another model would fit better. I try to not only play to my own strengths, but the models as well. I want to make sure they are comfortable and come across on camera as well as I possibly can. I want us to all look good, haha.

6. Do you have a favorite picture, if so why is that your favorite?
You’re asking me to pick my favorite kid? Hahaha. I don’t think I can pick just one, but my favorite shots aren’t usually because of the finished picture, they’re more about the people involved and the circumstances involved with that shoot. I have become very close friends with some of my models and sometimes that means her or I will open up during a shoot and deal with some really personal things together. It could be a break up, or a loss of someone close, or a celebration of something. But the things that happen behind the camera are what makes it memorable to me. There are a couple of pictures with Kari Michelle that come to mind. She’s like a sister to me, and she’s an incredible model, so we have done some really great shots together.

Model: Laura Bell
Model: Coatie Pop Sooperstar Hair & MUA: Heather Moss
Make up: Kasey Cooper, Wardrobe: Nymphs Antiquity
Model: Laura Bell

7. You are also a graphic designer how does that help you out with your photography?
Well, after several years as a professional designer, things like composition and tone and color theory are kind of burned into my mind. I also had to learn the basics of photography as a necessity for many projects. Working in small ad agencies I had to wear many hats, photographer was one of them. Then I would get these terrible pictures from the client that they took with their phone or something and they wanted it on the cover of a brochure or catalog or something. Dealing with those situations made me have to get good at retouch work and editing. I guess the biggest area would be with the editing after a picture is taken. A lot of the photographers I know who went to school for it were discouraged from using photoshop much, where as I started with photoshop and then I got to shoot my own images to manipulate. Don’t get me wrong, I try to get as much in camera as I can, but I’m only half way done with an image when I take a picture.

8. What do you prefer the photo-shooting our the artistic work you do with it after?
I really love the creative interaction with models and MUAs and stylists during a photo shoot, but when I get home and start editing is when I really get into the meat of the creative part for me and start to bring a shot to life. They are two totally different creative experiences to me. I really enjoy them both, but I think for me, it’s what happens after a shoot that I really enjoy. We may be limited by locations or lighting or whatever during a shoot, but when I’m sitting here in front of my computer in the dark with music loud enough to wake the neighbors, I am not limited by anything. That’s where I can create a new world that really makes the photo something special.

9. What can we look forward to seeing from your work in the future?
I honestly have no idea, haha. I’m always trying to push and grow and try new things, so with that in mind, there is no telling where I’ll end up. I’m trying to get into some galleries and look at different options to get my work out there and seen. I’m working on some ideas for photo shoots coming up that will hopefully challenge some people and hopefully disturb some people too, haha. I just don’t want to get stuck doing the same old thing, so as I get bored with my day job, the more I have the urge to do weird stuff with my photography. Hopefully people like it. Every time I try something different it’s always a gamble on how it will go over. I think it’s gone pretty well so far though, so I’m just going to keep trying things.

10. Is there a model you wold really like to work with?
That’s a really big question. There are TONS of incredible models out there that I would love to work with. One that comes to mind is a German model named Triz Täss. She has some really powerful images and she seems to go all out. Some models just take a really pretty picture, but she has the ability to not only do that, but communicate a concept in a single image. She’s bold as hell and willing to push boundaries. I can’t say enough good things about her and I would absolutely love an opportunity to spend a day or more shooting with her. Not sure if I’ll ever have an opportunity to go to Germany and make that happen, but she is one of my favorites and definitely high on my dream list.

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