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WonderlandMC98 Review

By now all of you heard about this jewelry designer that make the must amazing unique pieces, and no it’s not a myth this is the rea deal, you can  find all kinds of pieces from necklaces, choker, earrings even crowns and tiaras in every style Steampunk, Rock, princess, queen, for sure that you will find a piece here that will make you fall in love 😉  

Every piece of jewelry is designed and assembled by hand making it more poetic and unique, in a world were everything is made in mass production it makes you feel special to have a piece that is just yours and made specially for you . 

They do have a long line of products but because they favor direct sales  on internet) you can just send them a message with your own special request and I’m sure they will make all the efforts to make your dream piece come true . 

The shipping is very fast, and pieces came wrapped one by one so that that come in very good conditions, I must say that every time I unwrap one piece I have to say wow because they are always was more beautiful like then in any picture. 

Don’t forget to keep following there amazing work on social media plus the update the website with new pieces every week.

Dare to be unique and make heads turn.

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