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Interview with Bloody Terry

Alternative model & designer from Bulgaria

Cover credits: Photographer: Darkman, Dress, socks earrings: DDeluxsus

Tereza Madzharova with artistic nickname Bloody Terry is an alternative model from the beautiful country, Bulgaria. She lives in in a border city near Romania. But she often travels a lot because it’s one of the things that inspired her to bear new and unusual ideas.

Beside her amazing modeling career she is also a designer, who makes beautiful unique clothes and jewelry. She is the first winner in the “Bulgarian Gothic Girls” contest organized from several dark artists few years ago. Now she is one from the official models and fashion designers in the same dark organization and they all try to jointly promote Goth culture in Bulgaria. If you are tempted to know little more about her, please, do continue with reading.

1. When did you start with your modelling career?
I started this about 4 years after I won first place in a competition announced then for gothic models from Bulgarian Gothic Girls dark art organization. I took a part there no because I was believed that I will be the winner just because I always have fun when I’m shooting. When I won it I was really pleasantly surprised. The awards were an incredible necklace of the gothic brand S-MOON-S and a professional photo shoot.

2. What made you fall in love with an alternative modelling?
Even when I was a kid one of my dreams was to be a model. But I had never really thought that one day I will have the ability and courage to go on this path. Ever since I had a conscious thoughts in my head I have knew that I have a particular affinity about fashion design, makeup, offbeat clothing and photos with. Overall I was very curious to know also why certain things are considered like taboo and bad, while others are considered like normal. Thus step by step I found my love for the Gothic and lateral thinking. And in many ways I went outside the “box” to create mine special inner world which you all also see through my creations. Broadly speaking – it is very easy fall in to love with something for which you have dreamed all life.

3. When did you take your first professional photos and can you tell us little more about that experience?
I took my first professional photo shoot immediately after I won the gothic competition. Before we start shooting, I was very excited, nervous, slightly shy and probably confused because I was not sure what was expected of me to do and show on the pictures. But my photographer was a real professional, he was very calm, careful and pleasant person. And it worked very well finally. We worked easy, fun and fast.

4. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours? Do you enjoy creating new look with perfect make-up, matching jewelry and clothes?
When I got the idea for the new photo shoots, I always discuss this with my photographers before we start filming. We sometimes have absolutely concrete ideas about the photo visions. Another time we little improvise during the shooting process because is normal happens any minor “incidents”. As an example is if we make exterior pictures is quite possible the weather to adverse and it is make changes in our work process. About the vision and message of the photos however, nothing is accidental. Very often an idea takes weeks or even couple of months to ripe well in my head. Then I make the accessories and clothes (or any part thereof), to be in line with my idea. I also use another brands of jewelry, accessories, clothing different of mine if I want to show another nice work.  Most importantly, throughout the creative process that always makes us extremely fun.

5. Who do you admire the most of all models? Is there some particularly special person whose work you find inspiring and who is your very personal favorite?
During these years, I am inspired by many models, designers, photographers and their precise professional work. I extremely admire the Goth artists of Dark theaters in Moscow and Paris, because these people try to do something really different, bold and unconventional. I cannot say that there is only one person who motivates me to go on this way, because they are many. In my country there is a famous designer who I personally much respect as an artist and a person whose experience and I was always motivated.
He is known by the name Joro Pentagram and he is designer of leather clothing. I am grateful to him for his personal tips on working with leather material and I can guarantee that they really helped me a lot in the future.
World famous persons who inspire me are the late Alexander McQueen, Eva Green, Johnny Depp, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Karl Lagerfeld … and all the people behind the production of stage costumes in films such as “300”, “Maleficent”, “Hobbit”, “Seventh son” and so on.

6. We have previously mentioned that you are also a designer and you make amazing, unique pieces of jewelry and clothes, so can you tell us more about that? 
Yes, I am even more a designer than model. But they both help each other. I’ve started to create jewelry before the Gothic win the contest, but then along ideas for new shoots, I began to create and some sketches for my personal patterns jewelry to reproduce 100 percent what I would like to see on the photos. And in parallel with shooting, I started making jewelry and accessories. One year ago I started making clothing too after I took graduation with Fashion design. My brand says DDeluxsus. The name is a collection of wordplay. “Deluxe” comes from the English language but the suffix is finally from Latin one. A double “D” stands at the beginning means “dark”.
Broadly speaking, the name of my brand means “dark luxury”. Regarding my creations, I can say that I use various materials there. I try to combine standard and non-standard materials and designs. As an example…in a necklace, I might use leather, lace, metal and polymer clay. All my patterns are original, excepting those which are made for customer orders. But they are maximum unique too because everything is handmade. And here I would like to clarify something very important about my design work. I do not use any molds when I modeled with polymer clay. This means that each piece of clay is made for that particular product and it is absolutely unique. I do this with the idea to shows that these are not just pieces of lace, leather or latex, which are assembled in an aesthetic way. They have much more because most of them contain a miniature sculpture made by me. This makes the variety of materials and skills invested there much more. I use elements such as a typical characteristic of such Gothic and also use not particularly characteristic ones. This usually depends on the idea and my current inspiration.

7. Can you tell us something about your personal life and how would you describe yourself?
About my personal life… in the more time I am an artist. To be like this is my own way to feel alive, that’s why my personal life is in very close connection with my work. I have someone very special in my life and I am glad that because he really helps me and appreciate me like a person and artist, not only like a vision. How I would describe myself… hum. It’s hard question (laughs!) I believe that I am ambitious, individualist, idealist, also I am stubborn and it’s work in the both direction sometimes. But nobody is perfect.

8. Does the music play a big part in your life and what music genres do you prefer?
I think so. The music plays a big my part about my art. Because every time when I create something I listen music and it’s motivate me. Then I usually choose slow kind of music like melodic rock, or epic. I love to listen “Two steps from hell” when I create because it’s make me to imagine wonderful fantasy pictures and it’s inspire me more and more. In my free time I listening different kinds of music. It depends of my mood. I like to visit life concerts, karaoke bars and other fun music events. My lovely singers and bands are The Gathering, Within temptation, Therion, Nightwish, Three doors down, Jorn and much more.

9. Your choice is: 1. Coffee or tea?  2. Book or Movie?  3. Popcorn or Chocolate?  4. Cat of Dog?  5. Sun or Rain?

  1. Milk with coffee is my best choice because I don’t drink only black coffee but drink tea ,very rarely.
  2. Hum… it’s depends. I love to read a lot but I also like to watch movies. So I couldn’t judge.
  3. He he he… chocolate is better. 🙂
  4. Cats, I love them.
  5. I prefer the sun. The rain is perfect for day off.

10. Back to the modelling theme, are there any aspects of a modeling career that you haven’t explored yet and are there some things that you would always avoid?
There are many ideas that I would like to realize. And if things depend on me, it will happen. This year I intended to create an entire collection of corsets in my designs. I am also willing to experiment on vision and style. But what I would like to avoid is the commercialization and nakedness, because I think a naked model is not Goth model. Of course, the nudity could be recreated as a game of shadows and the pictures and the pictures again to be perceived as dark and gothic. But I personally prefer to avoid this option. Perhaps because my main idea is to show my design side through photo sessions that I take.

11. How much have you changed since you started modeling and designing clothes and jewelry?
As a vision I have not changed very much and that is great. As a character, I think I’ve changed in a much better direction. I think I’m much more creative, confident and enterprising than a few years ago. Working with small details develops in me some skills such as observation and patience because the design requires a lot of both. These skills help me enormously in the human relationships and I really appreciate it.

12. Who is your biggest support in your modelling career, who gives you strength to keep fighting in cruel world of Alternative modeling?
I am so very grateful that so many people believe in me and appreciate my work. One of the biggest supports actually comes from your great team of Gothic and Amazing. I have collaborations with some photographers, pages, models and designers and we all try to help each other in this cruel art world. I am all time open to new collaborations with new great artists.

13. What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?


I guess these are a few things. I am very happy with the fact that just a few years I was able to create my brand, to develop better design skills and to expand my circle of customers. In the beginning I was oriented only to Bulgarian gothic scene but later I broadened this range of potential customers and now I have fans and customers from different countries. I also took part twice in Gothic Fest Sofia where I was one of the artists in the dark gothic organized bazaar. Nowadays I am one from the official models and designers in Bulgarian Gothic Girls and we have many new interesting projects in perspective. The biggest success, however, is my joy that I get from each person who is happy with my work. Because when he’s happy for me means that I am doing well and motivates me to be getting better and better. This is more about my design work. Because when I get feedback that my product is liked and ordered people again and again that motivates me to not disappoint them. Because if I disappoint them it would mean that I will disappoint myself. The way of professional (and personal) growth does not allow us to disappoint those who have been able to enjoy before. Because you to win someone is hard but to lose him is very easy.

14. It was more than my pleasure to chat with you, so to end this interview: what would you like to leave as a message to your faithful fans, followers and our dear readers?
I am very glad that I did this interview with you for your brilliant team of Gothic and Amazing. It’s was a real pleasure of me. I would like to say of my fans and your readers to be brave, to believe in themselves and never give up when they want something. Our dreams are our real treasures and you must follow them even it’s difficult and looks crazy. Always doing what you do best and do not be afraid to assert yourself!
We change the world by what we are because we leave traces.
Thanks again of Gothic and Amazing’s team and wish you the greatest success for years to come!

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